what is the difference between a Business Project and a Business Plan, >> to complete my MBA degree I have to?

do business project , now I dont know the difference between business project and plan,, someone told me that in project you are gonna have to take out a problem statement of the compnay and do as same as business plan.. plz tell me how to start it.. and from where. thx

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    A Business Plan is just that - a Plan for a Business - it consists of information about what the company makes or sells, demographics of potential customers, competitors in the market, anticipated start-up financials and a complete SWOT analysys

    A Business Project may encompass either starting an imaginery or real company/business and documenting the encountered experiences, problems, and achievements. Or, taking an imagined or real company with a problem, analysing the problem and solving it through Business Analysis.

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    A business plan is the basic plan the business is to function under, It is usually prepared before the business begins operation and is considered foundation of the business. It includes the hows & whys of the business and evolves as the business grows and is the basis of all evaluations of the business.

    A business project it the production of the business, like acquiring appropriate licenses and permits, locating a site, completing construction needed to open the business. Business projects are the accomplishments that allow for business growth and development.

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    A 4 year bachelor's degree in business enterprise is an undergraduate degree, a masters of business enterprise administration is a graduate degree. you ought to fulfill the necessities for an MBA which contain having an undergraduate degree, oftentimes a BBA.

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