Need a good book like these:?

Divergent, The Hunger Games, The City of Ember, Under The Watson's Porch, The Phantom Tollbooth, Green, Black, Red, and White, anything similar to those would be great.


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    8 years ago
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    Time's Disease, Laurent In Chains

    Not Young/Adult, so please disregard if you are not looking for Adult fiction. This is a good long read, adult fiction, dark, mysterious, romantic, dystopian, untamed~ Available on Nook, Kindle, all eReaders & PDF for computers.

    When a young prophetess is rescued from genocide by a retired veteran, our prolific duo teams up with a sultry bounty hunter who falls for any heroic heart. Old comrades unite amid the chaotic collapse of a world power, and rebel armies form new alliances out of loyalty to the innocent. A princess learns of her true heritage while tribes waken powers of olden. A practitioner of occult science self-fulfills temple prophecy by resurrecting his father from the grave, only to realize the Free People he despises have become his only salvation.

    Many believe these inevitable events were written in the stars from the dawn of time, and prophets are merely observant students of precession who study repetitive patterns within endless successions of natural cycles. Others say it is impossible to predict legendary incidents which happened before and are destined to occur again. Civilizations have come and gone, leaving historical warnings carved on ancient walls. Unheeded and forgotten by myth, eras are reborn to rise and fall until there comes an age when every god's immortality nears its end…

    Set in a post-apocalyptic future, Time's Disease offers the classical allure of mythology with enduring messages very relevant to current events. Futuristic themes revolve around castle landscapes to create this novel recipe. Add a dash of mysticism, sprinkled by romance and topped by spatters of horror, to sup from hope’s cup amid life’s epic tragedies. Partake of this bold tale of action and consequence, as revealed by Illiana Rhea and told by the very characters themselves. Behold, this is Laurent In Chains.

    Look Inside at Amazon and read the first three chapters for free online.

  • The Immortal Series by Alyson Noel

    Vampire Academy Series

    The Mortal Instrument Series

    The Host

    Nobody's Princess

    Nobody's Perfect

  • b97st
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    8 years ago

    Enclave by Ann Aguirre

    Matched by Ally Condie

    Birthmarked by Caragh O'Brien

    Inside Out by Maria V Snyder

    Wither by Lauren DeStefano

    The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness

    Legend by Marie Lu

    Gone by Michael Grant

    Uglies by Scott Westerfield

    Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

    Unwind by Neal Shusterman

    The Giver by Lois Lowry

    Delirium by Lauren Oliver

    The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan

    The Declaration by Gemma Malley

    XVI by Julia Carr

    The Secret Under My Skin by Janet McNaughton

    The Maze Runner by James Dashner

    Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman

    The Unit by Ninni Holmqvist

    Runner by William Dietz

    Battle Royale by Koushun Takami

    Seed by Rob Ziegler

    Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer

    Variant by Robison Wells

    Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi

    Feed by M.T. Anderson

    The Bar Code Tattoo by Suzanne Weyn

    Little Brother by Cory Doctorow

    The Chrysalids by John Wyndham

    Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi

    Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

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    8 years ago

    The Giver. It's a dystopian novel and I read it in 7th grade, (7 years ago), loved it, and I actually just finished it today because I decided to read it, again. I know you'd enjoy it, everyone I've asked, likes the book. Give it a try!

    Source(s): I've read it myself
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