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Where can I find a list of companies that deal with risk management insurance in Pennsylvania?

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    American Institute for Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters

    Offer educational programs and professional certification to people in property and liability insurance and risk management.

    Independence Blue Cross

    Providing health insurance coverage to people in the Philadelphia area.

    Donegal Insurance Group (Nasdaq:DGICA)

    Property and casualty insurance companies provides full lines of personal, farm, and commercial insurance to the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States.

    J.C. Taylor Antique Auto Insurance

    Offers insurance for antique, classic, and modified cars. Includes hotrods, exotic, and kit cars.

    Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company

    Provides life insurance and annuity products through a national network of professional agents and financial advisors.

    Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania

    Includes information regarding products, history, employment opportunities and corporate news.

    Lititz Mutual Insurance Company

    Mutual insurance company specializing in home, farm, business, and personal computer owners polices as well as personal umbrella policies.

    Stoll Agency Inc., The

    Providing bid and performance insurance for contractors, builders, and others.

    AmeriHealth Administrators

    Third party administrator of self-insured group health plans for both small businesses and large corporations.

    Term Life Insurance 4U

    Offers term life insurance quotes.

    Contributionship Companies, The

    Offers multi-risk property insurance policies.

    Mutual Benefit Group

    Offers home, automobile, and business insurance.

    Murray Insurance Associates, Inc.

    Specializes in construction insurance, bonds, commercial insurance and workers' compensation.

    Slovene National Benefit Society

    Offers both permanent and term life insurance as well as a full package of fraternal benefits, activities, and annuities.

    Norman Spencer McKernan

    Providing risk management consulting and comprehensive insurance services.

    Pennsylvania Medical Society Liability Insurance Company

    A professional liability insurance carrier specializing in medical malpractice insurance.

    Reliance Insurance

    Safe Harbor Financial, Inc.

    Specializing in the sale of annuities to financial planner,life insurance agents, producers, and companies.

    Academy Life Insurance Company

    Provides life insurance for active duty and retired enlisted military personnel.

    Young Adjustment Company

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    What exactly do you mean, "risk management insurance"? You're looking for professional liability as a risk manager?

    Because if that's not it, maybe you don't realize that insurance is a TYPE of risk management.

    In PA, there are a lot more companies that only use agents, than are willing to write business insurance directly. I think you need to contact a local, independent agent near you, and be a little bit more precise about what, exactly, you're looking for. Clearly, "do it yourself" insurance isn't going to be a viable option for you.

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