Need advice and answers regarding switching cable/phone services?

I'm planning on dropping comcast triple play and just keep the internet because it is becoming too expensive. I want to know if there should be any last advice/tip before dropping the home phone and cable. I already tried telling them if they will not give us a discount bundle, we will switch the services. That did work but I still find it more expensive than I first had triple play. I will be arranging to switch over to at&t just for home phone service and get netflix to replace cable.

Are there any tips out there on one last push to get a cheaper option? Does it matter which company I drop first or is it better to drop one first before dropping the other?

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  • 3 years ago


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  • 7 years ago

    There are MUCH cheaper alternatives to Comcast and AT&T phone service.

    I went with Ooma. The service is free... You just pay the one-time price of the hardware, and local taxes and fees (which amount to about $4 a month). So far, the call quality is just as good as Comcast's ever was. Hell, even Vonage is cheaper than AT&T.

    When I dropped Comcast cable and phone (I still have their internet, because it's either that or AT&T U-Verse and I refuse to deal with AT&T), this was the setup I went with:

    1) Clearstream2 Antenna from Antennas Direct mounted on my roof to pick up over-the-air channels (there are about 15 of them in my area). - $40

    2) Two Roku boxes for streaming Netflix and Hulu to my two main TVs - $49.99 for the LT model and $69.99 for the XD model

    3) Subscription to Netflix - $7.99/month

    4) Subscription to Hulu Plus - $7.99/month

    5) Ooma VoIP telephone system - $95 for hardware (refurbished unit), $39.99 to port my existing phone number away from Comcast + $4/month

    I used the existing cable lines that Comcast had been using to run my antenna to my TVs, and my Ooma Telo unit just plugs into my modem and then into the wall and connects all of my phones.

    Total cost: $294.97 in one-time hardware and set-up costs, and about $20/month in subscription fees.

    To put that in perspective, I was paying $168/month for the triple play bundle on Comcast. Now I'm paying $58 a month for just the internet, plus the $20 a month for my new subscription services. I cut my monthly bill by more than half.

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  • 7 years ago

    If you want to keep your number, establish the service with your new provider first, and have the number ported over.

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