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does baptist health in little rock pay you while you train to be a RN?

My fiance is going to school and getting his cna but would like to get his r to make more money and we have a baby on the way we herd that baptist pays to train you to be a rn as you work is this true?

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    If you wish to be an RN, you attend college and would pay tuition just as any student entering this program. This is not an on the job kind of field. Even a CNA cannot learn this on the job. Both require the actual credentials that you obtain through an educational program. He is not paid to be a student. He can only be paid when he does to job for which he is hired.

    A large hospital system may have some sort of scholarship program or a minor discount and you should look there. Only the military would allow time in service in exchange for an education.

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    Just like you asked in Children's hospital in Little Rock, I don't think they offer RN programme and I believe that Baptist Health will not train your fiancee to be a Registered Nurse, maybe CNA, certified nurses aide where you do stuff like cleaning up poops, urine and those stuff whom the RN won't do.

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