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Respect Janet Jackson as an artist?

Do you respect janet jackson as an artist/singer?

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    Yes! Janet Jackson is a WELL ACCOMPLISHED Artist/Singer, but don't forget Song Writer, Producer & Actress too. TOTALLY GIVE RESPECT!

    Yes I'm a Stan of Janet, but, to be fair, i'm glad when my friends (or anyone) connects with an artist, and gets to hear an artist "Singing their song". I think we all connect with music differently, and i'm glad Janet is out there cause her point of view is inspiring.

    In the end, all an artist really has is their own point of view, weather that be about how to structure a musical phrase, the words and experiences they bring to the table, or just their sense of fun and whimsy. It's their own personal "stank" that they put on music that makes us love them that much more!

    So much love and Respect to you Miss Jackson! and if you dont' like her, I'm sure you have a favorite that you are giving props to.

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    Yes, of course! She has been around forever and still has an allure that attracts so many regardless of the age. Her janet. era appeal still has an impact on several artists today: "If" is probably the most timeless song of all.

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