Why would my dad say that/?

well he had a hard life. He is a doctor in the country im a from but not in usa. up here he would have to pass the exam and study and practice. well when we moved to usa my dads brother, who is a doctor here, had his business so to earn a living my dad ran his business. he never got time to study. now he's finally going back to college a year left and he can work in healthcare, which he always wanted. everyone in my family thinks of my dad as a failure but to me he is not.

my dad has 2 brothers one is the doctor and second one is retired. we are very close to his second brothers family. I grew up with his kids. they would visit us every weekend, since my dad doesn't like going to other peoples houses. my dad asked the retired brother for some money and he gave it to him, then my dad asked for some money again and he refused. between this time their family started coming to our house constantly and like always my mom loves serving her guests. my dad doesn't work and is studying and my mom is working. so she cooks food whenever guests come to our house. and my dad messaged his retired brother to never come to our house again because they eat our food??!????

everytime they visited my dad would argue with my mom that why she cooked food or they ate everything.

why would he do that, who does that??? its been so bad since then i miss seeing their family and i feel its like a scar on our family, they didn't say anything and now even if my dad apologize they will still think bad?

p.s. does my dad have any disorder, he always looks in the fridge and asks us if we want to eat something or we should eat it if we dont then he will throw it away?

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    I believe your dad came to the U.S.A. knowing what the requirements would be for him to be able to be licensed to practice medicine. That was a choice he made when he left his home country. Many men go to school and work at the same time. He is shirking his duty to his family if he is not. Your mother has been a wonderful, supportive wife to him in every way. His brothers have helped him by giving him a job, and loaning him money. He claims to not be able to work and go to school, when thousands of men do it every day. He asked one brother for money again and then again and got peeved when he was denied. All the fuss about the food has to do with his anger over the denial of more loans of money from his brother. If your dad doesn't want to visit his brothers houses, I suggest that your mom leave him at home and take you and go visit. He's a grown man, a doctor no less, he can manage a weekend all by himself. He doesn't get to make all the choices. This is America.

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    Maybe there is a financial problem and he is worried about making ends meet? You didn't say why he asked for more money. Food is a big expense and if your family budget is very tight and might not have enough to meet all the necessary expenses easily, he would have a real reason to be anxious.

    The retired brother might be on a fixed income himself and can't afford to drain his family reserves.

    When we visit our relatives who are living within a tight budget, we always bring the food with us. It doesn't take much to drop by the grocery store or a bakery to pick up something. Sometimes we get the food from a restaurant. The family member being visited provides the tea or coffee. That is our family tradition.

    Maybe ask them to bring food and you guys can put the coffee or tea on.

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    Maybe he feels like his wife cooks for them too much and blahblabblah

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