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Army physical fitness test 10 pts?

I want to join the army and I know you have to pass a physical fitness test before you can enlist. What are the requirements and what is the min time/reps for all of them for a male 17-21? Also what is the drop out percentage for army basic training and physical fitness test

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    Army pt: easy. Drop out rate: my platoon had 60 graduated with 57. Basic isnt as hard as people think. The thing that sucked is i missed real food and snacks smh haha but yeah the people above me are right though about the pt scores and all that if you can do 35 pushups and like 42 sit ups your and run a 16:36 2 mile you should be good. But keep in mind that is the minimum, aim to get 300 on your pt test. Before you join the you have to take a little 1-1-1 for the army, its like 10 pushups and 13 sit ups and a 8:30 1 mile.

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    Before you ship to basic, you will take a mini-PT test of 1 minute push-ups, 1 minute sit-ups and 1 mile run. s long as you do decently on it, you'll ship to basic. To graduate basic, you need to score 50% in each event. For you, that would be 35 push-ups in 2 minutes, 47 sit-ups in two minutes, 16:36 2-mile run. After basic, you have to score 60% or better in each event to pass - 42 push-ups, 53 sit-ups and 15:54 run. The drop out rate in basic is about 14%, and most of that is not for PT failure. If you keep failing your PT tests, but have passed everything else, they will keep you there a extra month or two until you pass. They will not keep you there forever though.

    After you have joined the DEP, you can do PT with your recruiter a couple times a week. You can also do PT on your own every day. Just get down on the floor and knock out some push-ups and sit-ups during tv commercials, and go running every other day.

    And Drill Sergeants do not fail trainees on purpose. If you are doing a proper push-up or sit-up (ask your recruiter to help you with your form), they will count it. If you are doing it wrong, they will not count it. For the first one or two PT tests (you will take 3-4 at a minimum in basic), many people will have incorrect form or just no be strong enough to pass. They do not fail people as a mental game. That's just retarded.

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    okay, the PT (as it's called) test is not as bad. Here are the standards i found for them (my husband is a soldier and I don't have them memorized! LOL!) 71 pushups is equivalent to 100%. You can base your score off of that. Situps 78= 100%. 2 mile run 13min=100%. Here is some advice for you...

    First off, in basic training, you will more than likely fail your first PT test. It's funny, but, the Drill Sgt's like to make you fail your first one to make you feel like you are improving more. They did this to just about every person in my family who has gone to basic. They will do this by telling you your pushups aren't low enough when, really, they are. This is sometimes one of their psychological things. Also, once you reach 100% on any one of the 3 challenges, do not keep going! You don't do pushups one day, situps the next day, and then the run, you do them all together so, don't wear yourself out. My husband has a ton of upper body strength and can get 100% on pushups and about 90% on sit-ups but, he doesn't ever do any more than that because he knows he has trouble with the run (which, for whatever reason, always happens to be last). The run is the one that most people struggle with... it's much easier said than done. I don't think you have to actually pass a pt test before you enlist... what you should do is go in and talk to your recruiters and see if you can do PT with them. My husband had a 6month wait to get in so, he went and did PT with them twice a week and was able to pass everything (except the run) before he got in. Essentially, what they will be looking for is that you can do more than 10 pushups... they just want to make sure you're not totally inept. idk drop out rates but, basic training is not as bad as they would like you to believe. It's hard, don't get me wrong, it's the hardest thing you will do but, it is not as dangerous and disheartening as tv would like you to believe. It's hard, not abusive. you will more than likely fail a few pt tests but, as long as you can pass the last one you have in basic, you are good to go. Good luck! Don't go MP.

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