What is DSR30582-JPG.scr?

i received facebook message from a friend that has dsr30582-jpg.scr in a link i have goggled it and found out it was a virus but i couldn't know what it was for!!!

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  • 7 years ago
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    I too received a message from my friend! i know it to be a Spam or virus so i did the following steps carefully! i first extracted the file and it was a screen saver(*.scr)! but i didn't run the file! when i extracted the file and went through the file structure i couldn't find any executables or binary or batch or dll files. so there is no chance that it could be infective file! if it had been an infective you might have realized it by now if it had attacked your file system, but if it had attacked your registry that would effect only the low priority files! so I'm less concerned about it, thinking it won't have a impact on your system! but to make sure i tried scanning it using various tools and its like 50/50! so no need to bother about it! I've given the file structure and the scan results for you via link below!






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