Why doesn't he text back?

I met this guy two weeks ago on Friday at a party, I'm 16 he's 18 and in a band (how cool!!! He plays bass;-)) anyway we were talking between he was playing and he said he would talk to me afterward, we never got a chance to but he said he would add me on Facebook, he added me the following morning and I inboxed him saying "I think the person you're looking for is Esme" he got my name wrong the first time we spoke... Anyway he took ages to reply until about the sunday evening and I replied Monday night then we were talking back and forth and he asked for my number so I gave it to him and he texted me straight away, we texted a bit more Monday night but then he didn't reply mid way between a conversation?? I waited until Thursday to text him again as to not look to desperate and he texted back the next day and I texted later on, it was going fine until he didn't reply again mid conversation?? I haven't spoken to him since then because I don't want to seem needy it's just confusing me, maybe he just doesn't like me? What should I do?

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  • 8 years ago
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    When he doesn't reply is the conversation dead? If you just say something like "yeah haha" or "oh that's cool!" and he doesn't reply.. it's probably because he doesn't know what to say. In my opinion 1-3 worded texts always kill the convo and I usually stop answering after that. But if you're asking a question or saying something that's easy for him to reply to.. maybe he just doesn't like texting that much or randomly gets busy.

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