You think Obamacare will save money? How long before Docs and RN's strike to protect themselves from cutbacks?

Then the housekeepers, billing clerks, lab techs ... It sounds so inexpensive, doesn't it? Of course, patients will get their "free" carel, won't they?


Please omit your silly comments about home-schooling.

Update 2:

Yeah Frankie, he did it his way.

Update 3:

Obamacare, to save money, will most certainly mandate more work for less pay. More stress for those who still remain in the profession. Doctors will be forced to see more patients in less time and lawyers will be standing in line to sue.

Update 4:

I'm talking about the start of the most powerful union in the United States. It will make the SEIU seem like the cub-scouts.

Update 5:

It's being serioualy talked about right now. Wake up folks and smell the bedpans.

Update 6:

@ Moody Red - Are you willing to get involved in a union to protect yourself from Obamacare? More paperwork, more patients, less time per patient. More lawsuits.

Update 7:

@ Moody Red - Are you willing to get involved in a union to protect yourself from Obamacare? More paperwork, more patients, less time per patient. More lawsuits.

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  • 7 years ago
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    As an Rn, I see many doctors leaving their practice. Thet just cannot afford to keep their businesses open. Too many regulations under Obama care and the cost is prohibitive.

    RN's and other medical personnel are overburdened now. We also have too many regulations and not enough time for hands on patient care, which is why we got into the medical profession in the first place. Many people are taking classes in other professions. I am certain that many others will just quit, because the work load is getting heavier and heavier.

    No money is saved, the work will just get harder for all of us.


  • 3 years ago

    Let's take your question at face value. To ensure that the repeal of the ACA (cheap Care Act) to save us an 'on the spot' trillion greenbacks, it might have got to have a budget of over $1 trillion in the present fiscal year. Wager what. The current fiscal 12 months budgets NOTHING for the ACA. There are fiscal duties beginning in 2014. There is a mild price to states in the current fiscal yr as a result of the requirement that every state have an choice (the principal choice being the 'health coverage exchanges') for persons who are not able to buy medical insurance on the open market. And let's compare the size of the trillion dollar claim. The current running CR enables for $3.7 trillion or in an effort to be spent via the government. With the intention to keep $1 trillion instantly, wellbeing care costs would need to account for 1/4 of the entire federal funds. Now not even close. At great, you're talking about long run projections. And the one long term projections (that weren't pulled out of someone's ... Uh ... At the back of) come from the CBO, which initiatives that the act REDUCES the deficit over the long run. So... No. It wouldn't.

  • 7 years ago

    As (if) it begins to really kick in in 2013 [notice it was designed to do so AFTER the election] many doctors will simply retire. They said so as the bill was being "debated" (which it wasn't, not in public).

    Interestingly, most medical insurance companies have (or did 3 years ago) about a 6% decline of claims rate. Obama has been running a Federal government -overseen huge health care since he took office, the Veterans Hospital system. Their rate of decline of claims is about 11%.

    Of course there has to be rationing, a kind of triage. Not exactly death panels, merely bureaucratic regulations. Heck, when Obama was running the last time he is on tape saying probably grandma will get pain pills instead of a new hip.

  • M W
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    7 years ago

    There is no savings in the future. I'm already paying more for my health insurance premium because insurance companies have to cover ALL pre-exiting conditions for anyone who applies for coverage. So everyone will pay in the long run through higher premiums.

    Insurance premimums won't ever go down due to the competition they promised. Insurance companies will raise their rates to match the highest, not lower them to compete. They don't really want new clients because those new clients have cancer, heart transplants, liver transplants, all kinds of very expensive conditions.

    Medical professionals won't go on strike. Look around at the doctors on staff at your hospital, they are all from foreign countries. They don't understand the concept or the need of strikes.

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  • 7 years ago

    They won't strike. They won't join a union.

    They hate Socialism and Socialized medicine.

    They will just pick and choose their patients and when situations force them to help the needy, they will have a tax write-off to claim since it is charity work.

  • 7 years ago

    LOL, what makes you think that medical professionals are not already on strike. When a Doctor or medical facility announces that they will no longer accept medicare assignments or certain insurance programs, they have announced that they are on STRIKE. When a Doctor chooses early retirement rather than submit to Medicare requirements, he has gone on strike. I face that situation on a daily basis.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Doctors are already not taking "new" medicare patients. They will just organize a "private membership of patients." Some are doing that now!

    Source(s): REality - Awareness of!
  • 7 years ago

    American government has more money going out for these programs like welfare, Medicare, food stamps, and social security because there are not enough people working. Once everyone is working then no one will need these programs like welfare, Medicare, food stamps, and social security. More people working is more money in and less money out can make it easier to lower the debt. Obama care is still money out.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    There is greed at its worst Cost of heaktcare and education. These 2 industries are rapping the american public.If u only new how reckless these systems are with our financial health. We are a country motivated by greed and inmorality. Can u say Gorden Gekco.

  • 7 years ago

    I know a doctor who's leaving the medical field altogether partly because of Obama's health plan. And the libs said none would.

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