Which technique works best for propagating the Violet / Lavendar Trumpet Vine? (Clytostoma callistegioide)?

I've been give some long --but very thin-- branches of it, and understand that summer is the best time to root cuttings from it. . .

How thick must the branches be to root them successfully?

How warm must they be kept?

Is it best to stand them upright, or lay them flat like a ground-cover?

Should I remove 1/2 or more of the leaves, or, cut them in half, or both?

I've read the following webpages, which don't answer my questions:

Violet Trumpet Vine (Clytostoma callistegioides)

- "Propagation: Semi-hardwood cuttings in summer. The cuttings strike easily."


Planting, Care, & Maintenance of Violet Trumpetvine


I tried to root some inside in water, and they didn't wilt, but they didn't root, either! ):

We would like to grow some on our see-thru fence, as it is evergreen, and the road is getting much busier, with more people moving into our neighborhood, and more kids walking to & from school . . . Plus, it will provide some welcome summer shade for our resident wildlife, a cooler micro-climate for some plants, as well as our dog.

Thank You for your help. (:


I tried several times to choose a Best Answer but it wouldn't follow my directions. So I'll try again. But, if my choice 'does not go through' again, let it be known that 'Jorgiegirl3's answer is my choice . . .

Update 2:

It still isn't registering my choice for B.A. I've rooted Cape honeysuckle in DG & well-aged horse manure before w/out rooting hormone powder, and this vine is supposedly also very easy to root, so I won't be investing in that.

'Sugarbee': Have you tried Aloes? There are even tiny ones for houseplants. Succulents are usually the easiest.... set them on (or in... if already rooted) the ground, water 1x weekly (more for some in hot dry weather) and otherwise just cut off dead parts! Aloe hybrids are often particularly easy. So easy that I have *MANY* to re-home right now! (: (Many cacti are very easy, too... but... they CAN be a literal pain!)

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    Dear HS: I too, love trumpet vine! As you know, it needs bright sunlight or filtered shade, and is drought resistant and it is hardy in zones Zones 8 - 11

    Check with your local BIG Box stores or better yet, go to an expensive landscaping concern and see if you can get them to order a few plants--expensive yes, but then you can try cuttings, and harvest the seed!

    Then there is always trying a google search for the purple seed! I just want to let you know to put your dog in the house or pen it up as the seeds are poisonous if ingested.

    And unless it eats everything in sight that should also be no problem! And remember those seeds are quite small. Just put the dog in the house during the planting if it likes to dig.

    Then after the flowers begin to go to seed;just collect up the seed and plant them or give them away!!

    Hope this was helpful.

    Source(s): I'm an avid gardner and want my property to be a little piece of paradise, until the real one is ushered in!!!
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    Violet Trumpet Vine

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    I can just see you now on the Paradise Earth...you are going to be awesome in helping to restore the earth to it's former splendor!

    I certainly wish I had a green thumb; hopefully Jehovah will accommodate me at that time, because I truly love beauty in plants and nature.

    Sorry that I couldn't help with an answer though....

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    try using a rooting hormone.

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