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Do I have to get my permit first?

Before I can get my drivers license do I have to have my permit? Or for a period of time?

I'm turning 16 on January 10th, I don't have my permit yet and I was wondering what I have to do exactly?

In the state of Mississippi AND Arkansas.

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    In most states, if you're under 18, you must get a permit, drive a certain number of hours, get a provisional license until you're 18, then you get your official license. i don't think this is the case for all states, but check you local DMV websites. they should tell you what you need to do.

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    well im from cali and in my state if your under 17.5 you need drivers ed to get a permit

    but you not from there...and also the california dmv has a website where everything is detailed..maybe they have them for these two states to?? you should google it and see what comes up

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