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Aj21 asked in SportsBasketball · 7 years ago

Is Tim Duncan the Greatest PF ever? HELP!?

My friend is being an idiot. He tells me that Tim Duncan is overrated and that Tim Duncan is actually a center, and the 8th best center in NBA history. That is complete crap seeing that in all of the spurs' playoff runs, he played the PF position. He played center sometimes, but he's been a PF the majority of his career. He keeps telling me that Tim could not hold a candle to Olajuwon, Shaq, Ewing, or Malone. I told him that Duncan is actually a better DEFENDER than Malone, Shaq and Ewing based off of All NBA Defensive selections. But he keeps coming back with, "Tim Duncan played in a weak era of big men." So basically, no matter what statistics I throw at him, or anything Duncan has done, all of it is irrelevant because Duncan's competition is much "weaker" than Malone, Ewing, Olajuwon, Robinson's competition. He's basically implying, due to the era Duncan has played in, he cannot be considered the best PF ever because his competition isn't as good than the competition in the 80's/90's. That is such BULLSH*T!! Someone please help me try to talk some sense to this guy.

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    People only say that when they want their favorite PF to be the best.

    Tim Duncan, in his prime, was a pure Power Forward. He was quick, agile, smart, and a beast on defense.

    Ask your friend why he played so well with David Robinson, Nazr Muhammad, Rasho, etc if he were a center himself. He usually guarded the opposing team's PF as well.

    However, in 2006 he had an injury that slowed him down a lot. Popovic tried to play him center once the playoffs came around, and even though Spurs lost the series he became inlove with the idea of having Duncan at center.

    Which is why since, Pop has been inlove with Small-Ball and the front office only gets PF's for Duncan (Orberto, Bonner, McDyess, Blair, Diaw, etc.) Which is where your friend gets the "Tim is a C" idea, hell it's where anybody gets the idea.

    I don't like it. For one, we haven't won a real championship since (07 belonged to Phoenix, tbh. Plus Cleveland and Utah were too easy). and even then we had Elson to pair up with him at times.

    For second, Anytime Tim goes up against a strong center he doesn't do well (Haywood, Dampier, M.Gasol, Perkins) and that usually plays a factor every year.

    Tim as a PF=3 Championships, 2 MVPs, and 3 Finals MVPs

    Tim as a small-ball C= 1 "Championship".

    By the way, at Power Forward Duncan had execllent competition. Kevin Garnett, Dirk Nowitzki, Chris Webber, Sheed Wallace, etc.

    90's Was the decade of Centers. 00's Was the decade of PF's. 10's is looking like the decade of PG's.

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    Welllllll... there actually is some compelling evidence that Tim Duncan is a center. This comes from a Sports Illustrated story published earlier this season:

    "Two weeks ago, before Game 1 of the series against the Jazz, Popovich was asked whom he'd be starting at center, and he answered, "Tim Duncan, like we have for the last 15 years." And thus the lamest ruse in recent NBA history finally came to an end. After two decades of being called a power forward, of showing up on All-Star ballots as a power forward, of engendering debate about whether he's already the greatest ever at the four, the Spurs have come clean. Tim Duncan's a center. Always has been."

    Was Pop being serious, or was he just playing another game at the medias expense? I don't know, I wasn't there.

    Duncan has had plenty of competition in the low post. Shaq and Garnett and Howard are all going to the HOF. Gasol is probably headed there too. Bynum has been erratic, but he could turn out to be great. Stoudamire was a force for a few years with Phoenix, until he wrecked his knee. If anything, the big men from the 90's were overrated. Malone and Robinson put up big numbers but could never deliver when their teams needed them most. Ewing was nothing special, the only reason he got any attention was because he played in New York.

  • Adam H
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    7 years ago

    Well, Tim Duncan actually is a center who was moved to PF because of David Robinson. He does play like a PF, I will give you that, but coach poppovich has even called Duncan a center on several occasions if I can recall. The game 2k12 also listed Tim Duncan as a Center. Your friend is not being a complete idiot, but if Tim Duncan were a Center, I would put him at number 3 behind Hakeem and Kareem. At PF, I would give the very slight edge to Garnett because he is a player that can play all 5 positions.

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    sure, Duncan is the perfect PF ever. To my suggestions, the main astounding element approximately him, much greater the the titles and awards, is his consistency. The Spurs have a greater useful triumphing share then the different important professional activities group over the final 10 years. They have not lost greater then 30 video games in a season considering Duncan joined them. They have not had a good draft p.c.. in continuously, yet a manner or the different each and every 3 hundred and sixty 5 days the Spurs are a identify contender. you have considered the Lakers win 3 titles, fall out of the playoffs fullyyt, then rebuild and win yet another ring in that comparable term. end making excuses for Malones loss of jewelry by potential of claiming he performed in the Jordan era. Malone had Stockton, an actual 50 of all time participant, Mark Eaton who became two times named DPOY, and a HOF coach in Jerry Sloan. and he might desire to nonetheless in basic terms take care of two finals appearances. it is not Jordans fault that Malone could no longer even make it out of the West. specific, the two situations he did make the finals the Jazz lost to the Bulls, yet whether Malone had gained the two situations he made the finals, he'd nonetheless in basic terms have a million/2 as many jewelry as Duncan does. different contenders for many appropriate PF Barkley - No jewelry McHale - no longer even perfect participant on his very own group Dirk - super scorer, no protection. No jewelry. Garnett - under no circumstances waiting to boost his group till he joined a pair of all-commence with the Celtics.

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  • Cincy
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    7 years ago

    Your friend is right, in that Duncan is a center.

    They can call him PF all day long. They could call him a PG too. They could even call him a goalie.

    But he is none of those things. He is a center. How can you tell ?

    He stands where a center stands on the floor. He guards other centers. He starred at Wake Forest AS A CENTER. See the repeating pattern there ?

    Hope that helps.

    Source(s): Have watched basketball since 1970, and seen plenty of centers since then.
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    If getting AVERAGING 25 Points, 17 rebounds, 5 assits, 5 Blocks, and playing PF mostly and was forced to play Center cause they have no other big man doesn't tell him he is the BEST PF then I don't know what does.

  • Eric
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    7 years ago

    Duncan is a top 5 PF. Maybe even top 3.

  • David
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    7 years ago

    I place him second to Karl Malone. Malone was a better scorer, passer, and rebounder. The only advantage Duncan has to Malone is blocked shots and that's because of his superior length.

  • 7 years ago

    tim duncan is the LAST player in the league you can call overrated, and yes he is

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