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Anybody ever use a Kelly Kettle to cook with, does Black Soot gather on the bottom of pots/pans when using it?

I figured the soot gathered because of close proximity of the pot near the smoke and flame, yet Kelly Kettles give you about 12" of distance from the bottom of the fire pit, so I was guessing it would be either no or less soot.

The Kelly Kettle:

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    Yes there will still be soot anytime you use wood burning with flames. If you could use charcoal or wood that has burned down to coals, smoke and soot would be (mostly) gone, but that is not how the Kelly works.

    A film of dish soap on the pans bottom BEFORE cooking makes the soot easy to remove.

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  • 8 years ago

    So you think that you don't get soot in a domestic fire place and chimney set up?

    Of course you do soot or carbon particals rise in the hot air and will deposit on surfaces!

    Take a look at old indusrial chimneys that in some cases can be 90' to a 100' feet tal and you will find soot!

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  • 8 years ago

    If you burn propane-butane fuel, then you do not get "soot."

    If you coat your pan completely in a thick layer of dishwashing detergent, then the soot will be trapped in the goo and not stick to the pan.

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