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facial tics and unwanted movements - 23 year old male?


i have been suffering from unwanted movements off and on ever since i was 8, it has come back now move violently than before.

i have the constant urge to squint my eyes, move my lips around clockwise, twitch my nose and spin my wrists simultaneously inwards.

i usually do these in that order but the wrist thing i have always done even without realizing and even when the other symptoms have calmed down.

if i think about it it gets worse and if i try not to do it i feel very anxious and can only think about it until the tic is followed through in order.

my girlfriend just laughs at it lightheartedly and thinks its cute but i find it so embarrassing and worry about others seeing it.

it may also be worth mentioning that i suffered from depression for a number of years and have only been off my meds (citalopram then mirtazepine) for 6 months although the tics do predate the depression but i am rather nervous and anxious by nature.

i also have benign essential tremor so my hands shake quite a lot uncontrollably

(yes i know im broken lol)

i was just wondering if its worth seeing the doc about this for some kind of therapy or medication

any help is appreciated, please dont troll or make fun its quite hard and unpleasant and embarrassing enough

thanks :)

3 Answers

  • 8 years ago
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    Since you also have the essential tremor while also having the tics, how about making an appointment with a board-certified neurologist for further evaluation. That type of doctor can treat those with a tic disorder, too. (Just fyi that a board-certified psychiatrist may also treat those with tourette syndrome or other tic disorders.)

    With regard to the essential tremor, here is a website (I don't personally know anything about the organization) that has more information (though *not* in place of professional advice or self-treatment) - International Essential Tremor Foundation:

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  • 4 years ago

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  • Holly
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    8 years ago

    You say it comes and goes so it would fit the qualifications of a transient tic disorder. A neurologist can give you an official diagnosis and possibly medicate if you would be interested in that.

    Source(s): I have Tourette's and I often research it and tic orders :)
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