I'm utterly confused the more I delve into politics?

For the future of the American standards we are accustomed to it's my duty to stay informed about who we elect to represent us the people into the government. The more research I do however the more I find myself baffled as to why things are so black and white between Democrats and Republicans (no pun intended). It seems both parties are spouting "our way or the highway" instead of working together for the common good. I lean towards Republican views but some views are so absurd.

For instance "the war on women", it's no secret Republicans are pro-life (which I am as well) but they fail to outline the exceptions such as rape, incest, or grievous fetal impairment. In such cases I think it should be done but, here's the big but, not at the expense of the tax payer which Democrats are for. Then there are the equal pay rates for women, Republicans seem to want to stifle and keep women under paid and have men be the bread winners. Then there is the gay rights issue were Republicans are so anti-gay anything where I believe it shouldn't matter at all if two people of the same sex love each other and want to get married.

The Affordable Healthcare Act from the Democrats was actually created by the Republican party but why the Democrats made it their own is confusing to me. I really don't see how it will help the health care system and I find the debate of it being unconstitutional compelling. Pay this thug or that other thug and you'll be fine, if you don't we'll garnish your wages; very mob style.

Amnesty for illegal immigrants through the DREAM Act is another issue that I'm not seeing any good coming from it but I'm open to what other people think. What are the pros ans cons?

I'd love to have informed answers and beliefs other than "because the TV told me so" and please people, be civil and respectable.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Many politicians, at times all of them prefer that you stay confused. When you aren't certain of your own observations, you are far more likely to let others tell you what to do or think. That is the condition that allows them the most latitude and the least accountability.

    ALL politicians are bending the truth, and ALL of them are making deals that they do not want you to understand. Congress is the worst, due to lack of term limits and the fact that their is no oversight. They alone decide if they need to be disciplined or restricted, and they don't


    Be a skeptic- do your homework, and look for verifiable facts, not opinions. Unless an argument can be supported with hard evidence that is fair and unbiased, it's invalid. A person making such an argument is trying to influence you, not inform you.

    Look for balance. Nobody is all wrong or all right, but when somebody is unwilling to give the other side the credit that is due- to recognize what they have done right or well, you know they are absolutely untrustworthy.

    With every issue, ask yourself how you would feel if you were in the other person's shoes. Ask yourself how much power you would want others to have over your personal decisions, things which have no effect on them. Would you allow others to force conditions on you because they would feel better at your expense? Equal rights means giving others the same degree of choice that you would want. Not imposing your choices- but allowing them to make their own.

    Politics and religion both have long histories of transforming into evil entities from time to time, and today is no different. There are those that would, if they were able to obtain the power, dictate every aspect of your personal life.

    Trust is not something we can afford. We must do our homework, we must always be aware and watchful. We must chose carefully, and then demand that those we elect respect and serve the people- ALL the people.

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  • 7 years ago

    There are people of all political persuasions who are anti-abortion and pro-choice, or pro-life and pro-womens rights, however you look at it, but the hard core at both ends of the spectrum are polar opposites with most people somewhere in the center. Abortion was legalized over 35 years ago and remembering what women went through through before, it is a gift to have it legally.

    Abortion is covered as an elective procedure in most insurance plans and why not. It is legal. How is that paid by the taxpayers? Plenty of Republicans are gay and plenty of Democrats are conservative and anti-gay. You cannot divide politics on social issues only. The Republican right-wing are vehemently against gay marriage.

    The ACA enables everyone to buy health insurance whether they are working or not, regardless of a pre-existing condition or their financial situation. If everyone does not participate in the insurance risk pool, the prices will be high because rates are based on your age and sex and health status.

    The IRS has always had the authority to garnish your income to get taxes you owe. That is not a "mob" style. That is how that agency works. That is supposed to discourage you from not buying insurance. Why waste your money on a fine instead of getting a tax credit?

    The Dream Act was not amnesty like Reagan did in 1986. It is what the Pres issued an Executive Order, to allow children who are not legal to stay for 2 years and work. That is better than having them go on welfare or resort to criminal activity.

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  • 7 years ago

    It is confusing to all of us, particularly if we look at each party extremes. That is, at one side, liberals and at the other side conservatives. Neither, extremes have been in power or will have a majority to govern this country. However, it is the leaders that bring a hidden agenda that we have to be concerns, and throughout history it have been established that we need to be worry when we identified one. Our Founding Fathers, alert us right from the start by writing these three words: WE the People, They did not said the President or Congress. That is, we, together have the obligation to govern and when someone comes along and try to erode the Constitution for his own hidden agenda, we should be brave and stop it. Every four years we have the opportunity to assess the performance of our elected leaders. When it comes to decide for whom to vote look at the center of the spectrum, at the one that represent the ideas and would will reach for compromise. Four years is plenty time to see if the our current leader deserve another chance,

    In my opinion, Pres Obama does deserve a second chance. I found his ideas to be to far to the left/liberal, and unwilling to reach for compromise. Will Romney be a better candidate, perhaps, but he will have to prove to me that he deserve to be reelected then.

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  • KMR
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    7 years ago

    All the grown ups have given up on YA for meaningful, informed discussion. Regretfully, except for a few categories, YA is for entertainment and a few good laughs. I used to be a regular but now, after I share a few tips in my areas of expertise and catch a few laughs in other categories, I'm gone for another 3-4 months.

    I surmise the average age of YA participants is 14 or 15 yrs old, except for all the trolls who have maybe 10 brain cells. Sorry mate...YA is not what it once was.

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  • 7 years ago

    It's simply not true that BOTH parties refuse to work with the other. The Republicans have consistently refused to work with Dems -- who have gone out of their way to make Republicans work with them.

    The health care reform was FROM Republicans originally. For most of that year, Republicans said they would do anything they could to prevent it from passing. Dems TRIED to work withthem repeatedly, they refused. THEN they said that dems refused to work with them.

    They are liars.

    Most Amreicans, including most registered Republican voters, think the Bush tax cuts should expire for rich people. the Republicans in office refused repeatedly.

    The Republicans in the Senate have engaged in unprescedented obstructionism. The ones in the House caused our credit rating to be downgraded.

    You lean toward the people whose policies caused our current horrible economy? You're just wrong about that.

    The war on women isn't ONLY about abortion (though insisting that pregnant women who want an abortion first have to pay a doctor to rape them,as is the case in some Republican-run states should seem excessive to everyone).

    They want to shut down Planned Parenthood -- which provides screening and birth control for millions of women who can't afford it otherwise.

    Publicly sexually humiliating a young woman, simply because she spoke out for health care for women was unconscionable. (And Romney ONLY objected to Rush calling her a WHORE, NOT his saying that she needs to post sex tapes of herself on the web -- come ON. That's disgusting.)

    If YOU don't approve of abortion, don't get one. Don't decide that YOU and the government owns the bodies and lives of all pregnant women.

    Then there's Ryan -- whose policies would prohibit many forms of birth control AND fertility procedures.

    There's their opposition to women being paid equal wages for equal work.

    Tax payers don't pay for abortions, private donors do. That's another lie Republicans tell.

    Then there's the fact that many Republicans think that, if a woman is pregnant, it's impossible for her to have gotten that way from rape. That's a horrible thing to say to rape victims -- that the devastating crime against them wasn't a crime.

    ?????? Uh, the Dems took Republican ideas on health care to get their support -- which Republicans refused to give to ideas they had previously supported. That was because, as they themselves said, their NUMBER ONE PRIORITY was to regain power and prevent Obama being re-elected.

    They were willing to ruin the country and the lives of most citizens, in order to regain power.

    BTW, that healthcare act HAS improved things already. Young adults are on their parents' plans; livetime caps are gone (so someone with a chronic condition doesn't get refused care once they turn 14 years old, for instance).

    Crucial screenings -- which save money and lives -- are covered. Seniors are paying less and less for their meds -- which was a change Bush had made, and which was impoverishing many seniors.

    Obama has extended the life of Medicare -- Ryan and Romney want to end it.

    Tens of thousands of people needlessly die every year due to lack of care; that won't happen beginning next year.

    Fewer people will be forced to use the most expensive option -- emergency room care. That will save tons, as well as improve health.

    The Supreme Court has already ruled it constitutional. Dunno what planet you were on when they did that.

    No, it isn't mob style to any SANE person.

    You don't see any good from allowing people who were brought here as small children being able to serve in the military, get jobs, go to college, and drive cars? HUMANS have no problem finding the good in that. It's downside is that it doesn't cover enough people, and isn't really amnesty at all.

    If you stopped listening ONLY to liars, and started using reliable sources of information, you'd be a LOT less confused.

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  • John
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    7 years ago

    Study politics at many websites. The more places you learn from, the more centered you will be.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Do you understand 16 trillion debt ?

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Yes, you are completely confused.

    And you are incorrect on several subjects.

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