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20 gallon long with screen lid?

I have a betta and 2 cories in a 10 gallon tank, but I'm going to upgrade to a 20 gallon long and get 2 more cories. Petsmart has a 20 gallon long for $35 but it comes with a screen lid. Is it possible to fit a filter under a screen lid and if so how? Most filters stick up and hang over the side of the cage but is there one that doesn't stick up (and is cheap) that could work with a screen lid? I don't mind that there won't be lights at first and I will try to save up for a real hood but I want to know how everything would work with the filter fitting under a screen hood. Also, is it okay to keep fish with just a screen lid?

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  • topaz
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    If the tank comes with a sceen lid, it was probably never meant to use for fish. This seems more like a reptile tank, which looks a lot like an aquarium, but the glass is usually thinner because they weren't built to withstand the pressure from holding a tank full of water.

    If you found this tank in a pet store, double check which department (fish or reptiles) it belongs in. If this is something you're buying used, you might want to consider buying it. I won't guarantee you that it'll eventually fail, but you might have to do extra work in cleaning it, since it might have had reptile bedding in it, or mites, reptile droppings, or who knows what that might not be good for your fish.

    There are internal filters that you can get that will work with a screen top. It's just the electric cord that runs up over the tank rim, and the screen will go around that, no problem. But there are disadvantages to using this type of filter. You can't always tell when the filter is getting clogged unless you have it near the water surface and you see a decrease in the flow. And you have to take the filter out and take it apart to clean the media, which isn't as convenient as a hang on filter. And instead of an overflow that spreads out the water as it leaves the filter, internal filters usually have a single small opening that creates a concentrated jet of water. This can be too strong of a current for small fish, or ones with long fins that have trouble swimming in a fast current. If you go this route, find an internal filter with a spray bar, which creates multiple jets and lowers the force of the water leaving the filter.

    But the main reason I don't care for the internal filters is that they take up room in your tank and you see them, unlike a hang-on which can be hidden by a background.

    Personally, I'd take the suggestion to go the dollar a gallon tank sale. You'd get a 20 long for $20 which isn't bad. Then get a hood or glass cover that you can make openings in for a real filter. And for those of us that use just a light fixture - or shoplights, or double fixtures which a regular hood blocks some of the light from - glass covers are very useful. They also keep the humidity in, protect the lights from being splashed by water, and keep the fish from jumping out even on tanks that don't have lights.

    Source(s): my 2 cents, as a lifelong aquarium keeper
  • John B
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    If you want a 20 long, Petco has their "buck a gallon" sale on now. It doesn't come with a screen but you could get a glass canopy which you could use instead of a screen which is worthless for a fish aquarium.

    You could then save up for a filter, heater and light strip.

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    I've two dwarf hamsters in a 20 gallon lengthy aquarium and it is plenty gigantic for two of them and it might be a lot colossal for a syrian hamster. Most specialists propose a ten gallon aquarium so 20 gallon is great.

  • 8 years ago

    i dont think you can fit a filter because the screen lid is ontop. you could get a spong filter ( bubble filter)

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