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Is it necessary to install a bracket for a cable lock on your bike?

I don't have some of the things it is asking for. If it is, I can ask the shop I purchased the bike from to install it. But is it a must? Thanks.


Thanks. I just thought that maybe the bracket decreased your chances of having to walk home. :)

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    I put my U-Bolt lock & cable in panniers (saddle bags) or a trunk bag. You can also just wrap the cable lock around the seatpost or anywhere it's convenient. Even stores like Wally World, K-Mart & Amazon.com sell a handlebar bag that stores smaller stuff nicely.


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    Unless you want to carry it in a backpack. Many of them come with a bracket as far as I know.

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    Wrap it around the seat post.

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    just wind it around the top tube and the head tube, and lock it on


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