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Could Mexico provide justice to murdered Fast and Furious fed agents since Obama wont compel Holder testimony?


Federal police detained Jesus Leonel Sanchez Meza on Thursday in Sonora state, which borders Arizona, where agent Brian Terry was shot dead in December 2010, the Public Security Ministry said. The Mexican Attorney General's Office plans to extradite Sanchez Meza to the United States, the ministry said in a statement.

Republicans have criticized U.S. President Barack Obama's administration for allowing the Fast and Furious program, which led to some calls for Attorney General Eric Holder to resign.

In June, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives found Holder, the nation's top law enforcement official, in contempt for withholding documents related to the failed gun-running probe.

Early this year Terry's family filed a $25 million wrongful-death claim against the U.S. government, saying he was killed because federal investigators allowed guns to fall into the hands of violent criminals.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    CIA is responsible for crimes

    This is not the first time that people have lost their lives because some idiot in the government decides that Mexico should be supplied with guns

    Many Mexicans have already been killed due to gun violence

    It's about time that the government does something to stop the cartels from operating

    They should increase patrol of the border, fire idiots from the government, prevent drugs from reaching Americans and stop supplying Mexico with guns

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  • tedhyu
    Lv 5
    8 years ago

    Sorry to break this to you, but if the Fast and Furious Operation didn't go through, Brian Terry would probably still be dead.

    Criminals in Mexico can easily obtain guns elsewhere. You're acting as if Fast and Furious is the only way Mexicans can get guns illegaly.

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