Does anyone remember Melanie Amaro?

The other contestants are not that successful but still successful than her. Im not surprised Chris Rene has done way better than her. I think its time to finally accept the majority of these winners only win the title, nothing more. Whats happening with her?


I havent even heard anything about her first single until you mentioned it. Thats how unsuccessful the whole thing is.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Well they waited a long time to release her first single which is way different than the Melanie we heard on the show and that single is not doing that well.I don't think the auto toned Dance type music is her style. She's more of the Ballad type.

    I like her single but don't like that it's so auto toned.They haven't even promoted that song much except in the upcoming X Factor season and i guess she will perform on one of the results show this season.

    I heard LA Reid was trying to make her lose more weight and that's why they waited so long to release her music

    I think they need to let Melanie do her own music and at least try to promote her more. I think she's very talented and it's sad they aren't helping her much. I would of thought at least Simon would of at least mentioned something about her afterall he mentored her.But he's more about the UK succesful people now(Cheryl Loyd and One Direction and the new US X Factor Judges Britney and Demi)

    But that's the problem with these Talent shows it's mostly the ones that don't win who end up more successful than the actual winners. I think because they don't seem to promote the winner after that season ends that well

    Most of the Talent shows are mostly about the Judges to be honest

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