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Please explain this to me, Republicans?

I had the misfortune of riding with my Republican mother for an hour today. Out of respect for her, I listened to what she wanted to listen to: Rush Limbaugh. Although I find his rhetoric laughable and riddled with logical fallacies, I used to find him entertaining an even agreed with him about a lot of things back in the 90s. I tolerated his partisan schtick with relatively good humor and refrained from making snide comments when he criticized Democrats for things one could just as easily turn around and criticize Republicans for.

But where it became too much to bear for me was when a commercial came on for a film entitled 2016: Obama's America. The ad claimed that Obama "dreams of a diminished America." I laughed. Not only did I laugh out loud when I heard that assertion, I took both hands off the wheel and rubbed them together and did my best Evil Scientist laugh. I was envisioning Barack going to bed at night, sleeping with his head on his pillow and an angelic smile on his face, dreaming of ways to "diminish America." I envisioned cabinet meetings where Obama asks his advisers: "We have got to come up with better ways to wreck America. We're still too powerful. We're still too healthy. We need to come up with ways to turn the US into a third world nation. Now who's got some REAL IDEAS?"

My mother gave me a dirty look. Not only was she appalled that I would remove both my hands from the steering wheel, but she said haughtily, "You laugh, but I genuinely believe that that's his intent."

Seriously? The President of the United States is dreaming of ways to diminish the country he governs? I mean, sure, I could accept it if a Republican wanted to suggest that Obama's ideas for the country are going to have negative repercussions and will have the result of weakening the nation. But the suggestion that Barack Obama is intentionally, maliciously plotting America's demise from inside the Oval Office? Good god, it's so ridiculous, I couldn't even have answered my mother's assertion without calling her an idiot. Because that's what these assertions are: complete idiocy.

So explain this to me, Republicans: How can otherwise intelligent human beings fall into such narrow-minded patterns of thinking that they would believe such ridiculous fictions?

Thanks for your insights into the potential defects of the human mind.


oh, by the way. I'm libertarian/anarchist. I'm no fan of the Democrats or of the policies specific to the Obama Administration. But I can disagree with his policies and his political philosophy without asserting that his ultimate goal is to sink the country...

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    Your mom and my mom would get along great, darling.

    My mother was bad enough during the Clinton administration (she referred to him as "that scummer"), but this president seems to send her into an insane frenzy, and she'll believe anything about him, no matter how bizarre or ridiculous. She's convinced that he's some kind of alien Manchurian Candidate whose whole life has been plotted out to put him in a position to destroy the country and Christianity (she never stops to wonder, if his life was so scripted to put him in this position, how did they miss having him born here, as she believes he wasn't).

    Without a blush, she merrily forwards me emails that contain the most disgusting, ignorant, easily-falsifiable slime, not just about Obama, but also about liberals, feminists, atheists, socialists, Democrats of any kind...and never stops to consider that I'm a liberal, feminist, atheist with socialist leanings who votes Democrat and thinks the president's just a little too centrist for my taste. She's lost all sense of tact, proportion, and I have to admit, decency, along with any vestiges of logic or rational thought she may have once had.

    I once called the last Bush an "idiot" in her presence and she ripped into me about "you liberals" always being indecently disrespectful and that I should at least respect the office if I can't shed my "hatred" long enough to respect the man...and now she says the most horrendous things about this president and anyone who agrees with him on any point. It makes my gut twist to see my mother's hatred, hypocrisy, xenophobia, and yes, racism.

    I don't know how people I've always thought of as basically good, with good hearts and good intentions, can hate this virulently...but they do. And it sickens and saddens me.


    Jessica, cupcake, what's wrong with this generation is not that some of us recognize that our parents can be idiots, or that we don't confuse longevity with wisdom...what's wrong with this generation is that we've produced far too many dimwits who cannot use punctuation or spell correctly but who think they have the ability to slag off those who are clearly more intelligent and thoughtful than themselves.

    Like you, honey.

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    I feel your pain. I used to carpool with someone who listened to Hannity's radio show. I'd imagine a disemboweling with a rusty pitchfork would be less painful than that experience.

    There was a fat broad at work that's a bible-thumper Christian who firmly believes Obama is the Antichrist fulfilling the Bible prophecy of End Times. She'd say this out loud with a completely straight face. I actually start twitching when in the presence of someone who is that goddamn stupid.

    Thank Christ the morbidly obese, lazy bitсh finally got terminated because she was a completely worthless employee who spent 80% of the day on the phone, eating, surfing the internet, wandering the halls, and chit-chatting with others. Is that what Jesus Would Do? I think not.

    EDIT: OK, I've just read some of these answers and the twitch is starting again...I can actually hear the brain cells popping in my head. Must....step....away....from

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    Yeah. Everyone with any intelligence knew this even before he was elected the first time. Ive not seen the 2016 movie and probably won't but its premise is true. Obama is a big statist type that hates capitalism and any society where everyone in the country is not dependent on government to keep from starving to death. When you have to depend on government for your next meal, you tend to support the government in power. That's what Obama wants and the US economic system has to be destroyed to accomplish it. Granted its going to be hard for him to do in 8 years, but through executive order he is getting pretty far. Perhaps you should go see the 2016 movie for yourself before deciding that their premise is false. Narrow minded is to judge something without all the facts, which you seem to be doing on that movie. Im not a republican either I am going to be joining the Constitution party when I get around to it. You need to look up this youtube video "If I wanted America to fail". Its only about 5 minutes and pretty much lays out the case of how Obama is destroying America and weakening our economy. I can tell this is a new idea to you so I hope you will be open minded enough to at least watch a 5 minute youtube video before rejecting the possibility outright. So yeah, sounds like your mom is a pretty sharp lady. If the apple didn't fall too far from the tree you will come to understand.

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    You freaking filthy Hippie!

    Your question is so long, it's like the manifesto all of your heroes.. Bill Clinton, Karl Marx, Fidel Castro, Babe Heart, Jimmy Carter, Hugo Chavez, any freaking Kennedy after J.F.K, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Pierre Trudeau, Dominique Strauss-Kahn !

    That's right, I said it!

    You just want to throw out so much bullpuckey, I almost said bullshit, just to confuse the simple minded!

    I know what you're doing, and it won't work!

    Source(s): Every essay i've ever written... and yes, I got at least an A on every one.
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    Two ways my friend:

    1st is by absolutist beliefs, that we are absolutely correct in our belief

    2nd is usually connected to the first, that this is about us against them

    I deal with insane comments from the right (usually because I'm conservative) saying nonsense believing that only liberals can hate, that only liberals are violent, that only liberals lie, that liberals only want hand outs, and most amazingly anyone against their ideas is a liberal.

    (This applies left or right)

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    Simple. Goddidit.

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    I'm more of a Ron Paul libertarian with some perception and common sense. Your comments are interesting. Have you seen "Obama's America 2016" I 'beg' you to see it, it's now rated the number one documentary of all time, it's factual with Obama's voice narrating from his book. Have you followed Obama from the beginning? You will understand who Obama is when you see it. The not wanting to wear flag pin or stand in front of flag, Hilary with tears in '08 election saying "I see what's happening" (him winning) "I just don't want our country to "fall". He was raised in other countries and hawaii by atheists and father was muslim, and his mentor was marxist/communist, his father was very anti colonialist, wanted to even the field by bringing America down to be even with other countries by spreading/taking our wealth. Recently Obama had Jesus on monument covered up during ceremony. Obama said he would have liked most of all to live in civil rights era and fought for that. Look at what Wright preached for 20 years of Obama in church. He voted 'present' 200 times as a Senator. Have you seen michelle Obama's past speeches of opression on internet. She had an internal/external remake. Looks good but are people's long held beliefs changed.

    Obama has done everything the opposite of what would to correct the economy, the businesses won't come back nor jobs until the taxes are lowered and regulations loosened. L.A. Times says 58% of new jobs created are low paying jobs up to $13 hr. from 2009 to 2012 and says the middle class is shrinking. ABC news said two wks. ago that experts say we are looking at deep recession for 2013! The GM bailout seems ok but not really because the 'government' owns part of company now. Obama is letting many more immigrants in legally now who compete with us for few jobs left and we pay taxes for welfare for many of them, I'm in L.A. it's bad and crowded, busnesses still shut down.

    You know that we have globalist's running government?, it's the partnership of big business/banks with government, and that the elite globalists control the two parties and candidates and own all tv media and radio too, the FCC is run by globalists so we can't get a people's station. The radio programs are allowed to get closer to the truth, especially some, far closer than any cable tv news. Obama is perfect for the globalists who also want the countries equal economically, and the election polls are much manipulated to sway the people in one direction or another.

    Remember when Obama was running for 08 election, McCain was ahead a few points and suddenly it was announced that we are in a recession which created panic. Bush did leave a huge deficit but he didn't cause the recession, Bill Clinton said that the "democrats" in congress caused it, and McCain had tried to warn congress for years introducing a bill or trying to stop what was going on with the mortgages, etc.. Their announcement of a recession one month before election is just what Obama needed to be elected. Your MOTHER IS SO CORRECT, on this subject!!

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    Have you seen the documentary?

    Can you see what 0webaabaa has done to this Nation?

    Can you add 1 + 1?

    Evil scientist laugh that.

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    Rush Limbaugh DOES NOT represent all Republicans, he's out there...Obama and his administration have repeatedly violated the US CONSTITUTION and BILL of RIGHTS...Think about that one, the Constitution protects the individual rights of US citizens. What does it say about a president who disregards these?

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