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Why did my Marine recruiter give up on me?

I approached my Marine corps recruiter earlier this year and started to talk to him about joining the corps. I even went so far as taking my asvab. I scored a 93 and i feel like i personally showed a lot of interest. We kept in contact for a while and then when i mentioned that i was going to talk to my family about the militay as a life career, he just dropped all contact with me and i havent heard from him in over 3 months. I realize that i can call him at any time but why did he just stop talking to me about things, its almost like he just gave up...

Any ideas?

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    Why are you expecting him to call you? YOU want to join not him so when you talked to your family and came to your decision YOU should have called him. If this was a civilian job would you expect them to keep calling you? No and the military is no different. You were not his only recruit and when you didn't contact him after talking to your family with the same desire to join, he would assume you didn't want to anymore.

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    I highly doubt the previous answer. After you actually took the ASVAB and showed interest, a recruiter wouldn't just give up on you.

    There are a couple of scenarios that may have occurred. He might just suck as a recruiter. Just because they are a recruiter, doesn't make him and expert. He may have also finished his tour as a recruiter and could be headed back to the fleet. He should have completed a "turnover" with the recruiter taking his spot but that could take some time. He could also be having family problems, like a child becoming very sick.

    Call or even go up to the office. Ask him directly why he hasn't contacted you, if he is even there. If he doesn't have a good answer, get another recruiter. They usually always work in at least twos.

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  • Yogi
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    I was once on the street as a Recruiter. A shot in the dark for "ideas" would be you are grossly over weight, under age, missing fingers arm or some other part of the body. All recruiters no matter the branch are required to be polite and also during the conversation they scan you. They will continue to be friendly in hopes you will turn some more prospects his or her way. If you was to call them out on it I highly doubt they are going to confess to you. They have moved on more fish in the sea that one minnow.

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    definite, that's by no skill too early to commence planning on your destiny. i'd also accept as true with the previous commentator, communicate on your moms and dads and if plausible organize an interview at your interior reach recruiting workplace which includes your moms and dads. contained in the united kingdom the military commonly attend higher colleges to grant talks on their service to the students. colleges over the following actually have carrers propose officials who's also a sturdy source of thoughts.

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  • Anonymous
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    First off, your nothing special. Your just another boot. I highly doubt that you will get your 20-30 yrs because its impossible to do nowadays. Just do your 4 yrs like every body else and move on.

  • Maria
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    Recruiters have quotas to meet. Since you are good to go paperwork wise, he is saving you for a month he is short on numbers.

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  • David
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    You were blindly going to throw your life away fighting wars for the rich and when you said you were going to discuss it with your family, he knew they'd talk you out of throwing your life away.

    Source(s): opinion. Brother served in the marines
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    I have a good idea....ask him!

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