Hello: I am in 8th grade am wondering if this is a competitive application to west point. ?

Taken 11 ap classes including economics, english language, US history, physics AB, German, US government and politics, calculus AB, calculus BC, english literature, physics C and computer science.

Attending prestigious private catholic school in MA

Unwieghted GPA 3.76

Varsity tennis since sophmore and varsity golf since junior. Varsity letter in tennis.

Nation honor society member.

Model UN member; attended conference in NYC

Economics club

Founder of Red Cross club

Civil air patrol cadet major

100+ community service hours

Student council vise president

Taken Red Cross life guard and logistics train courses.

On a competitive shotgun shooting team: hoping to attend world cup by freshman year in college.

Thank you very much for your time. This is my first post so i may be a little messed up:)

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  • DrIG
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    8 years ago
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    You did well on your posting and you ae doing very well in your school. You do have an admission chance. It would be improve if you could secure the recommendation of your US Senator or Representative./

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