Israel: who really deserves palestine?

Did Israel before have armored trucks whose only goal was to yell at people through loudhorns and kill whoever came across, to send a message to the rest of the palestinians. I heard of this happen before around the time Israel was officially established. I also know that the Israeli Supreme court has a mason pyramid on top of their building and they have countless photos of Rothschild inside. This is fishy to me. what do you think

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    Your bizarre horror story of Israel's beginnings is despicable trolling, yes it stinks of dead fish. Instead of pandering to your despicable libel, I'll use this as an opportunity to educate just in case someone actually wanted to know about Palestine.

    Palestine was a really huge geographical region that was broken up into several Arab Muslim nations and the State of Israel. Israel "deserves" the homeland of Israel, Judea and Samaria..the other indigenous nation peoples didn't collectively form into an umbrella term of Palestinian until the formation of the PLO. As such they also are entitled to self-determination and self-rule but not at the expense of other nation peoples. Someof the Arab nation peoples who were also wanting to establish SELF rule in the land of Palestine under their own nation name included the tribal peoples known as the Hayawat, Tayaha,,Azazma,Jahalin, Tarabeen , Ijbara, Druze ,Dom and the Samaritan were also referred to by specific tribal or ethnic name.

    Several of those nation peoples were feuding over the region that was given to the powerful Hashemite clan of the Quraish tribe and whose country later became known as Jordan. Overnight, all the different feuding tribal nations became Jordanians. One of the things that the formation of the PLO achieved was to stop SOME of the internal bloodshed and feuding and try to find a common enemy..they united distinct Arab nation peoples under one banner with the purpose of eliminating the "infidel" Jew.

    Jews have never wanted the whole of "Palestine". Jews have simply wanted the same things that the Palestinian Arabs have claimed they wanted, to live in their homeland in peace. Israel exists as legitimately as the United States of America or any other nation. The Jewish people had been working to reestablish sovereignty in the homeland centuries before the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America had been proclaimed against Britain.

    No other nation on the planet would have been as restrained as Israel has been in trying to protect its very existence for the more than 60 years of onslaught. Israel dedicated itself to working with the nations surrounding it to establish a peaceful Middle East in its Declaration of Independence. Look at the charters for Hamas and for the PLO. They contain direct statements dedicated to genocidal elimination of Israel. Only when their desire to build a nation in peace is greater than their desire to destroy Israel will they live and work toward that peace. Israel is ready.

    The focus must be on stopping the efforts to eliminate Israel and to support efforts to achieve statehood for Palestine, integrate the refugees into a Palestinian nation, support the nations that now house refugees to help them become self-sufficient and grant them legal status! Going into a fourth generation as political pawns is ENOUGH! Israel absorbed close to a million expelled and exiled Jewish refugees from 14 Muslim Arab lands between 1948-1954 whose confiscated legally owned real estate they left would have covered an area threee times the size of Israel, without the billions of dollars of humanitarian aid the Palestinians have received.

    It is no more racist to be Zionist than it is for any of the Muslim nations to have their own nation. In fact, because Israel is not a theocracy, it does not violate the UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, as do many Islamic nations that complain that Zionism is racist! Why are the Jewish people excluded from the basic human right of self-determination afforded to all other peoples under the guidelines of the Declaration of Human Rights?

    It is no more racist than the idea of any nation/people to have a homeland. Any nation/entity should have the right of self-determination. The Palestinian nation (PLO) people who formed in the years after the state of Israel was established at the organizing of Gamal Abdul Nasser and Yasser Arafat and other Egyptian nationalists, have the right to their own nation, but not at the expense of another established nation. A state called Palestine COULD have existed already for 60 years if the surrounding Arab/Muslim nations had followed the example of Israel in establishing through legal means, a state that was in accordance with UN Charter rights. Instead, they chose to declare war on Israel and make permanent refugees of millions of their own who have now gone into a fourth and fifth generation of people who are nothing more than their political pawns to be used to justify elimination of Israel. Every time Jews in Israel and throughout the world have tried to help the Palestinians with establishing their own nation, it is met with attacks, assaults and escalation of rhetoric that it should not exist.

    If you want peace, the let your words reflect honesty and a desire to live in peace alongside your neighbors. Shalom.

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    Give it to the israelis. They, at least, would do something useful and productive with it


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    Mama Pajama is right!

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    Ask the British, they control the zone.


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    I heard you're adopted. Must be true because unsourced rumors never lie!

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