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HP service scr*wed up my laptop. What are my options now?

Hello folks, hope you're doing good :)

i'm in a big mess here, and maybe you can suggest me what'd be a smart move to get myself out of this. M a student of computer science engineering (B.Tech, (CSE) (2nd year))

My main laptop is an HP ProBook 4530S (Windows 7 premium 64 bit, Intel core i3)

It's about 10 months old, and it's still under warranty (came with a 1 year drop-in international warranty)

about 2 months back, the Optical drive on the system died (Won't read DVDs).

Took it back to the vendor i purchased this from, on the 24th of july. They returned the laptop after about 20 days (imagine 20 days without your main computer), and when I got it back, it had the following problems:-

1>The WiFi/Bluetooth doesn't work.

2>The battery was 21 cycles old (using HP battery healt check app that came pre-installed with the computer), but now, running the same test says the battery is 71 cycles old.

3>INSERT and DELETE keys on the integrated keyboard don't work.


4> The memory card reader slot had a cover, the cover is missing.

I didn't take the laptop back, and asked the store man to re-send it back to HP service.

Now, it's the 7th of September, and i'm yet to get the computer back. Every time i call up the computer store, they ask me to check again after two days, claiming the computer is still with HP service.

What are my options now?

If I ask him to give me a new laptop, he says he can't

I can sue the computer shop / HP , but i guess i'll end up spending more money on lawyers than the cost of the laptop.

What do I do? I don't even have a HP job sheet, just have a receipt from the computer store. Called up HP tech support, but they are telling they can't look up my case if i don't offer then the job sheet number, the shop's receipt doesn't count. :-(

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    7 years ago
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    What I would do, get a new computer and file suit in small claim court. Always get paper work in business...

    Big box stores and large chain store are very bad place to get service work done... Local shops and repair services do better, lower cost and faster service...

  • denski
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    3 years ago

    try not improve your computer as your gadget is supplied around the bottom hardware. in case you opt to improve the hardware then make confident that that is wisely matched inclusive of your gadget. I truly have a HP computer HP has an rather solid shopper service. Dell isn't far they do an similar component as HP.

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