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Golfer asked in Politics & GovernmentElections · 8 years ago

IS OBAMA A LIAR or just misinformed?

Does Obama not know the truth or is he just telling little lies?

Why did the DNC Choose 3 people who were disbarred from practicing law as their key note speakers?

Do people realize it was the democrats responsible for the mortgage cries?


PRESIDENT OBAMA AND EX PRESIDENT CLINTON WERE disbarred as was Michelle Obama for fraud allegations,

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    yes obama is more full of sh*t than a septic tank and here are some quick facts that are undeniable that backs up my claim of obama being full of sh*t

    1. He promised bipartisanship but walked away when republicans came to the table and agreed to compromise multiple times the he turned around and put the blame on them

    2. He promised he'd never raise taxes but come January 1st 21 new taxes will be implemented

    3. He wasted and spent 5 times amount of tax payer money than Bush or any other president in United States History in 3.5 years

    4. He promised on camera to bankrupt coal companies and has succeeded which lead to more unemployment

    5. He denied America 20,00+ jobs and cheaper gasoline and energy independence when he shot down the keystone pipeline

    6. He broke the Constitution violating our Bill of rights.


    a. he broke our 1st amendment multiple times by forcing christian churches and hospitals provide abortion contraceptive or be fined until they go bankrupt which clearly violates and he blocked fox news from being able to cover the white house for his first two years in office which is a clear violation of the bill of right, freedom of religion and freedom of the press.

    b. he passed an individual mandate and a fine if not purchased which violates our commerce clause

    7. He tried to due away with our 2nd amendment right by proposing a back door deal with the united nations that would of banned guns and make every any citizen who owns a gun a felon but luckily with the support of the NRA it was stopped from happening

    8. He slashed and continues to slash military funding causing a lot of my friends from receiving their benefits and forcing a dramatic downsize in military when we are still at war and on the brink of getting into to 2 new wars

    10. He said " I don't take the navy seals seriously" and threw our allies under the bus multiple times

    11. He said " If I don't fix this economy in 3 years I'll be a one term president and not run again" and he has made the economy worse by doing nothing but increase spending and adding obama care and blaming all his failures and problems on the republicans

    12. He supported the occupy movement after there multiple incidents being reported of occupiers raping a 13 yr old girl, occupiers running over a pregnant woman, occupiers calling for anarchy and vandalizing public property and starting riots and even after two occupiers where caught by the FBI trying to blow a bridge and occupy wall streeters burned the American Flag on national t.v. he still stood behind them and supported their movement

    13. He was the first to complain about super pacts and dirty campaigns yet he was the first to use them and his campaign is proven to be the dirtiest campaign in U.S. History

    14. He promised to close Guantanamo but keeped it open

    15. He promised to not use executive orders to be the most transparent yet he's numb 3 in using the most and he also used it to help the AG cover up the program Fast and Furious so no government official could be held responsible for the program that took the life of and American Border Patrol Agent

    16. He gave the order to DHS to give to Border Patrol agents not to stop illegal immigrants or they will be fired and granted amnesty to illegals and helped put over 100,000 of them to work while every 1 out of 3 veterans are homeless

    17. He bowed down to the Chinese and made Closed door deals with the Russians

    18. He let his administration leak classified information multiple times to the new york times for political gain

    19. He invested tax payer money into a failed green energy company and gave them $25,000 bonuses when they were going bankrupt and invested tax dollars in mass production for car that was to expensive to buy and was pulled off the market multiple times

    20. Obama has been campaigning for re-election on tax payer money since his second year in office.

    21. Obama has repeatedly blamed republicans for the economy even thought he denied and shot 8 budgets that republicans proposed and stopped one that both the house and the senate was going to pass because a republican came up with it.

    22. Unemployment has been up 8.3% and higher for 43 months in a row.

    23. Thanks to Obamas higher taxes and business regulations multiple businesses that were hiring stopped hiring and ended up going bankrupt.

    24. Higher taxes for the rich won't do anything when over 63% of America is unemployed and when 70% of Americans aren't paying any taxes yet Obama keeps calling for them.

    25. Obama said he and his campaign have never spoken a mis-truth about Romney/Ryan ticket but that was proven to be a complete an utter lie with 85% of his attack on the Romney/Ryan ticket are false

    26. 5 days ago we were at 15trillion dollars in debt and now we are past 16.5 trillion in debt and started at 8 trillion and we are not even close to being better now than we were 4 years ago.

  • 8 years ago

    Well.... lawyers are bad, so a former lawyer is less bad?

    Try posting this in

    arts and humanities


    and you might get some deep thoughts about it.

    The rest of us just try to stay away from lawyers.

  • 8 years ago

    Do you realize if you stop practicing law and stop paying the fee you get disbarred and it has nothing to do with wrong doing?

    well now you know

  • 8 years ago

    You need to check your information, you are either just telling the right wing lies or have been badly misinformed.

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  • 8 years ago

    Obama is a bonafide liar. He knows it and so does everyone else.. but hey you must not say it.. because he is black.. blacks never lie, don't you know?

  • 8 years ago


    YOU are the misinformed. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

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