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What is the appeal in having something pop out of your vagina and suck on your boob for a year or more?

I know this sounds like a weird question but that's how I'm thinking of it. I am trying to wrap my head around what is enjoyable about childbirth and breastfeeding but I can't figure it out. It kind of makes me cringe thinking about myself doing either one. Did you enjoy these things or were they just a necessary evil to get your kid?

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    As far as nature is concerned - it is not important for childbirth to feel pleasant for the mother. Once she is caught - she has to go through with it - whether she has a live baby at the end or a miscarriage. I must admit after I first saw a 'birth' film as a teenager - I thought the miracle was that the mother does not want to throw the baby out of a window for causing so much pain!

    Making babies, on the other hand is meant to be an enjoyable experience - to ensure we do it. Nature also makes us bond with babies and their cuteness is an important survival trait.

    You sound as if you think vaginal birth is gross! A Ceasarian might mean a painless birth - but is a major operation and there will be post-op pains.

    As for breastfeeding there are advantages of doing it for different lengths of time. One of the mum's in my ante-natal class said she disliked the idea, but wanted to do it for her baby's sake. She breastfed for about 10 months. [And that was in the days when mothers were told breastmilk had 'little food value' after 6 months. Nursing a baby was more appealing to me than being tied to the kitchen sink preparing bottles.

    Advantages of breastfeeding to, baby and mother.


    Provides balanced nutrition

    Reduces immunity and infection risks

    Is easily digested and absorbed


    Helps with uterine contractions and with restoring the body to its prenatal condition

    Doesn’t need the amount of work required to prepare baby formula

    Is economical

    Additionally, it is said that breastfeeding is effective in helping mothers lose weight. It also helps reduce the risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, infant diabetes, pediatric cancer, obesity, and allergies, and promotes mental abilities and cognitive faculty.

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    Well childbirth was very painful, I had a completely natural childbirth with my son 5 weeks ago and ended up with a fourth degree tear ( a tear that reaches from your vagina to your rectum). But It was a wonderful experience in my opinion. I would do it again with my next children if I could. Due to the tearing I am unable to have a vaginal birth again. It honestly makes me sad to think that I will have to have a c-section from now on. On breastfeeding, I was looking so forward to it, but I don't produce enough breast milk and my son wont latch on, :/. So all in all I really really enjoyed the experience of childbirth and attempting breastfeeding. But everybody feels different when it comes to these topics.

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    What's the appeal in having a man stick his penis in your vagina? (If you are hetero...) The comparison is valid, because labor, breastfeeding and orgasm all result in the release of oxytocin, a hormone that makes us feel loving and bonded to the other person.

    I'm sure that for some women, the birth process is simply a necessary evil... something to get through so you can then enjoy the baby. (Or, something to be avoided, if possible, through a planned c-section.)

    For most women though, giving birth is an important step in the path to motherhood and something they want to experience.

    And breastfeeding, again, causes the release of large amounts of oxytocin, which makes us not only feel warm and loving towards the baby, but makes us feel good in general. And, of course, there is the knowlege that we are providing our babies with a perfect food that nobody else can give them.

    Of course some women have no interest in being mothers ... and that's fine too.

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    I won't lie to u ... I have 2 beautiful girls both born by c sections so it was difficult as well as breast feeding .... But to a real woman who loves her child the joy and love u have for them overpowers all that. So I guess if u are not looking forward to have a baby and there is non appeal to u in going trough all that then I guess you might find appeal in using some kind of protection so u don't bring a child into ur life ... A baby deserves love and care and I hate to think that many babies are being hurt by b1tche5 who decided to open those legs without thinking

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    The 9 months leading up to the birth are both crappy and great all at the same time. You feel like crap about 50% of the time and just suck it up for the good days.

    The birth sucks. If a woman says it was "easy" usually she's full of crap. The actual labor and delivery some people take easily but afterward you feel like crap for a minimum of a month.

    Nursing.... Well that's got it's ups and downs, too. Cracked and bleeding nipples in the beginning and awful bra pads then leaking thru them in public... Ugh. But knowing you're providing free food for your baby( formula is expensive!) and giving them a great start is priceless. Yes it sucks waking up and always being attached, but at the same time, your baby wants you to comfort them. Your baby is bonding with you. That's something you really don't understand until you have one.

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    I don't imagine either to be enjoyable but more of a necessity to a baby and addition to family.

    I've never been a family or baby person but I already have an unexplainable bond with the thing that has caused my body all sorts of havoc for the past 38 weeks.

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    The birth itself isn't enjoyable it is painful but it is worth it if you want a baby of your own to hold, care for and raise. It is a part of life for many people and other mammals. I loved feeling needed by my baby he looked to me for love and for food. He gave me a reason to get out of bed every morning. I always wanted kids. Some people though are not the nuturing type at all and are better off not having kids.

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    no-one has ever claimed that there was anything pleasant about childbirth! except the baby at the end but personally I don't count that, as for breastfeeding it's great bonding, it's hard to explain but your brain releases chemicals that make it less irritating.

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    childbirth does suck but you get a good beautiful child out of it. breast feeding is the healthiest option for the baby. u dont necessarily have to breastfeed but if u dont want to go through the labor, dont have a child!

    Source(s): mother of 2 beautiful daughter.
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