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why v=w*r is correct equation explain with diagrame?

IN TOPIC OF RELATION BETWEEN ANGULAR AND LENIER VELOCIT What is correct equation in v=rw/v=w*r and why explain with diagrame.Please!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Hello Zeeshan, v = r w as we consider only the magnitudes.

    As we write in the form of vectors, then v vector = w vector X r vector.

    X stands for cross product of vectors.

    It is very simple dear.

    Assume a body going round a circular path of radius r

    Draw yourself a circle of radius say 5cm

    Now mark two points on the circle so close to each other and name the points as A and B

    Join those with the centre O of the circle. Mark the angle AOB as d@

    Let AB be marked as ds

    Let ds be the distance covered in a short time duration dt. And in the same dt the radius OA has swept an angle d@ at O.

    Now by sector formula Arc length = radius of curvature x angle subtended at the centre

    Hence ds = r d@

    Now divide both sides by dt

    So ds/dt = r d@/dt

    By definition ds/dt is the linear velocity v and d@/dt is the angular velocity w

    Hence v = r w

    [Recall 2pir (biggest arc in the circle) = r * 2pi

    you know 2pi is the angle subtended by the whole circle at the centre].

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  • 8 years ago

    What diagrame?

    No picture as promised, no answer.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    try asking myphysicsbuddy, that may help, if found online

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