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How/What to wear with knee/thigh high socks without coming off slutty?

I think they are super cute but it's seems like most people, both guys and girls interpret them in a slutty way of dressing, probably because of the school uniform fetish many guys have. Even my relatives thought they are a bit slutty.

Do you have any suggestion how/what to wear those kind of hosiery in a modest way, or rather what you think is a way of wearing without the slutty label?

Btw, I like to dress up for my own sake, not because of peer pressure, labels or what guys think is hot...I just a huge fan of wearing any kind of Hosiery because I dont feel comfortable showing my legs bare, except for humid or club/party-whatever evening wear, but most people seems to have weird thoughts about just knee/thigh high socks so Im bit lost how to wear them in a GOOD way, NOT a slutty or erotic/sexy way. lol. I really hate that kind of attention, so I tends to go for more modest dressing, but feminine and kind of "semi-dressy" outfits for daytime.

Thanks beforehand (if anybody feel to answer this question that is, haha)

... and excuse me if you think my English sounds weird/bad, Im not native English speaker and far from being fluent. :)

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    I wear thigh high socks all the time and they don't have to be slutty (but they do dive a lot of guys wild) Wear them pulled really high so there is just a few inchces between your socks and your skirt. I wear black thigh highs with a short denim skirt, or with a black coctail dress, or with short summer dresses. I wear white ones with the denim skirt or with a tennis skirt. They work for an evening wear look or for a emo/ goth look. Sometimes, just around the house, i wear them with shorts. Some girls wear them over tights but I don't. I leave a little bit of actual skin showing. They're not slutty. My bf plays soccer and he wears white otk socks when he's playing in a match and that's defintely not slutty!

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    Since it's fall... Try wearing knee high socks or leg warmers underneath flat calf high boots .. either with leggings, jeans, or shorts.. if you search pinterest you can get visual ideas and also tutorials on how to make your own. Hope this helps a bit

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    Two feet will push you off the ground higher. Jumping has everything to do with your legs. Hence why players rarely jump off one leg for a jumpshot, because they need the elevation using both feet to get up higher. They only take one step jumps when they need that extra step to get to the basket for a layin or dunk.

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    I love long skirts. My bf enjoys the short ones. So my closet is crammed w/ 1/2 and 1/2.

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    First of all, I love the skirt!!! People notify me I have nice legs but I still don't wear shorts

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