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Why do I always feel sick ?

I always feel like I'm going to throw up! Mostly when there is a lot of people around or when I'm thinking about a situation in which I'll have to be around a lot of people soon. My friend is having a birthday party soon and just thinking about being around just her and a bunch of her friends (I'm not close to any of them) makes me feel like I'm going to throw up. And I usually feel really sick after eating no matter where I am. I also feel sick just at home for no reason some times. It has been like this ever since I was little and I can't stand it! I have like no social life outside of school because of it. Nobody knows because I don't tell anybody (it's embarrassing). Also when I feel sick it makes my throat do this weird growling noise a lot and I have no idea what that is. What could this be? Is it just social anxiety? How could I fix that? Am I allergic to something I eat a lot or something?

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    Personally I think it is social anxiety and the best way to help yourself is to like go to the mall or somewhere where there is a large amount of people. I know it will seem bad at first but just keep doing it until you get used to it. Or if you really don't want to do that try talking to a therapist or your school counseler (if your still in school) I know some people don't like talking to people but for others it really helps. The best of luck to you. Hoped this helped :)

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