What do I wear to a dubstep concert?

I am going to see Savoy and some other dubstep artists friday night and I don't really know what to wear. I was thinking of wearing something I would wear to a rave... Such as a colorful bra, plain black booty shorts with belts with brightly colored socks. I'm just not really sure. Any help?

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  • Alex
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    7 years ago
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    I just went to see Pretty Lights last night. Super fun :) Most girls were wearing what you describe, colorful bras, booty shorts, basically what you'd wear to a rave. But really, you can wear anything you want. I wore denim short shorts, a tan/black lace off-the-shoulder top, and my Vans sneakers. Just make sure its easy to move around and dance in and that its something your comfortable in. Honestly, what your wearing is not even that big a deal, you're gonna have so much fun! :)

  • 7 years ago

    Us dubstep fans like to listen to it naked...

    Source(s): but seriously, justwear whatever is comfortable and looks good. everyone will probably be drunk or off chops on E so it won't really matter
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