can you use a uv lamp for acrylic nails?

i want to buy a 36w uv nail lamp to do my nails at home. can you use the uv lamp for acrylic nails or is it only used for gels or shellacs. Please let me know soon cus i need to buy one. BE SPECIFIC:)

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  • 8 years ago
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    Yes: the light is actually less effective than the heat component.

  • scelba
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    4 years ago

    Um.... Considering that your not getting rid of the residue after curing the nails with a exact technical product!?! Do your self a favour and get your nails performed professionally- there's a purpose why individuals like me spend £1000's and lots of hours training- for the reason that nail extensions are too technical for unskilled folks to do!! Should you keep placing your arms under that UV light for lengthy durations without know how, you're going to cause your self some real damage.

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