How does Christianity justify the claim that Jesus is the Messiah?

According to the prophecy of Isaiah, the Messiah has to meet three conditions: (1) descend from King David, (2) rule over the Jews in Jerusalem, and (3) bring about a period of global peace.

As far as I can tell, Jesus fulfilled none of these. (2) and (3), Christianity says, will be fulfilled in the Second Coming. But, even if one accepts this IOU, what about (1)? Joseph, although a descendant of King David, was not the father of Jesus (according to Christianity itself). So, how is Jesus a descendant of King David?


Interesting reply, Gatita. Unfortunately, besides the mistaken translation "Sheol - hell" (in Hebrew, sheol means just an ordinary grave), reading the quoted Psalm a little further clearly indicates that David's reference is to himself, not to Jesus: 16:11 "Thou makest me to know the path of life."

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    Throughout the Hebrew Scriptures, the promise of a Messiah is clearly given. These messianic prophecies were made hundreds, sometimes thousands of years before Jesus Christ was born, and clearly Jesus Christ is the only person who has ever walked this earth that has fulfilled them. In fact, from Genesis to Malachi, there are over 300 specific prophecies detailing the coming of this Anointed One. In addition to prophecies detailing His virgin birth, His birth in Bethlehem, His birth from the tribe of Judah, His lineage from King David, His sinless life, His atoning work for the sins of His people, etc., the death and resurrection of the Jewish Messiah was, likewise, well documented in the Hebrew prophetic scriptures long before the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ occurred in history.

    Of the best known prophecies in the Hebrew Scriptures concerning the death of Messiah, Psalm 22 and Isaiah 53 certainly stand out. Psalm 22 is especially amazing since it predicted numerous separate elements about Jesus’ crucifixion a thousand years before Jesus was crucified. Here are some examples. Messiah will have His hands and His feet “pierced” through (Psalm 22:16; John 20:25). The Messiah’s bones will not be broken (a person’s legs were usually broken after being crucified to speed up their death) (Psalm 22:17; John 19:33). Men will cast lots for Messiah’s clothing (Psalm 22:18; Matthew 27:35).

    Isaiah 53, the classic messianic prophecy known as “The Suffering Servant,” also details the death of Messiah for the sins of His people. More than 700 years before Jesus was even born, Isaiah provides details of His life and death. The Messiah will be rejected (Isaiah 53:3; Luke 13:34). The Messiah will be killed as a vicarious sacrifice for the sins of His people (Isaiah 53:5-9; 2 Corinthians 5:21). The Messiah will be silent in front of His accusers (Isaiah 53:7; 1 Peter 2:23). The Messiah will be buried with the rich (Isaiah 53:9; Matthew 27:57-60). The Messiah will be with criminals in His death (Isaiah 53:12; Mark 15:27).

    In addition to the death of the Jewish Messiah, His resurrection from the dead is also foretold. The clearest and best known of the resurrection prophecies is the one penned by Israel’s King David in Psalm 16:10, also written a millennia before the birth of Jesus: "For You will not abandon my soul to Sheol; Nor will You allow Your Holy One to undergo decay."


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    Source(s): KJV Bible 1611 Jesus: The Greatest Life of All by Charles Swindoll
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    Through His Mother and His Father. They are both Descendent's Of King David.

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    there will be two comings of the messiah. first to suffer, the second one to reign. that is where the jews missed it too. isa 53, isa 11, 21, mathew 24....jesus fulfilled all 300 old testament messianic prophecies including the exact date of messiahs death. dan 9.25 to 27.

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    Quran confirms Jesus pbuh was a Messiah.meaning a Prophet who showed many miracles,healed patients with Allah s permission.

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    According to the prophecy of Isaiah, the Messiah has to meet three conditions: (1) descend from King David, (2) rule over the Jews in Jerusalem, and (3) bring about a period of global peace.

    Guess your TOO BLIND to see HE did ALL THREE.

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    That is what they wanted, but jesus got killed and they had to come up with something.

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