Why is Russia protecting Julian Assange?

I'm not going to state in this question whether I'm pro or con on Assange. I only want to know why Russia seems to be backing up and encouraging Ecuador to stand up to the U.S on the Assange issue. I've never seen this before; A large and powerful country bolstering a "littler" country to stand up to the United States.

Why is Assange so valuable?

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    8 years ago
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    I didnt know Russia was supporting Ecuador's asylum decision but good for them for standing up for whats right which is freedom of the press and freedom of speech, something the U.S. no longer supports. A lot of countries support Julian Assange. He is a brave guy reporting on the U.S. and UK crimes committed by military and government over the years. He is a real hero. Most small countries are afraid to stand up for what is right and go against U.S. hegemony. Three cheers for Ecuador's decision.

    DAVY: Assange is wanted by the U.S. who would probably convict him of espionage and execute him, and all he did was not put American national security at risk, just publish secret activities like newspapers did. If he went to Sweden to stand on phony rape charges, they would extradite him to the U.S. As Asssange said, Swedish officials could come to England to question him.

    You should watch RT (Russia Today TV). They are great for news, documentaries, interviews, social comentary and they tell what is really going on in the U.S. Assange had a weekly interview show before he fled to the embassy.

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    Russia is really jabbing at Britain over refusing to extradite various people to Russia over accusations that they're wanted on political crimes, most notably Berezovsky. Berezovsky relied on a witness that provided evidence that there was a FSB plot to assassinate him (although this got really complicated later):


    Of course, the only crimes Assange is wanted on is one count of rape, one of sexual assault, and two of molestation. Also, the transfer is being sought under an EAW, which is surrender, not extradition. It's more akin to a state in the US handing over a prisoner to another state. Not nearly as high of a standard. But of course, that won't stop Russia for looking for an excuse to thwap at Britain.

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    8 years ago

    I have not heard anything of this in any of the news stories? None of this has anything to do with America? Assange is wanted for questioning in Sweden on a sexual offence charge. He has fled to the embassy to avoid been sent to Sweden. I cant think why you thought it had anything to do with America or Russia? We are not back in cold war days.

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    4 years ago

    i imagine he's nearly a shady personality, i imagine theres more desirable happening than exposing anti-humanitarian acts. who's acquainted with even if, all that **** is so previous our heads its laughable. a number of the **** he uncovered even if....its pretty loopy, and it became thoroughly hidden. its only a brutal type of journalism, yet i became happy to study the cables. it became the reality. his unique posse created "openleaks". i noted on an abc interview with on of his co workers and he said that he's in basic terms an asshole, and hes no longer that vivid, he in basic terms likes making drama. yet even if, i noted it on the tube, on a significant american community. who's acquainted with what's going to ensue. he and the governments of the international in basic terms opt to smoke a j jointly guy, itll be all sturdy! haha

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Probably because they know the US wants him.

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