Israel and Palestine?

I read that this fight began because America wanted the Jews who had gone there during WW2 to go back to where they came from because America was becoming over crowded. America gave the Jews some lang from Palestine and called it Israel, but I thought Israel was already a country?

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  • Andy
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    8 years ago
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    Palestinians (Jews & Christians & Muslims ) lived in harmony as Arabs until some of the European Jews tried to immigrate to Palestine at the end of the 18 Century. The Jews were minority in Palestine. The whole Arab country was at that time under the occupation of the Ottoman Empire(Turkey) for the last 400 years. The Jews were trying to find a place to establish Israel in.

    Places were offered, and places discuseed:…

    The Jews tried to buy Palestine from the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II who did not accept and in 1901 he sent a historical letter to Dr. Herzl informing him that he can not sell any small piece of Palestine to the Jews ( not even a hand’s size of land). One of the reasons that made Arabs rebel against the Ottoman Empire was the crimes against Arabs by the Ottoman ruler Jamal Basha as al-Saffah, "the Blood Shedder" . Arabs repelled against the Ottomans in what was called the Great Arab Revolution. Great Britain promised the Arabs to help them to re-establish their one Arab country again if they help them in fighting the Ottomans and the Arabs bravely did and the Ottomans were defeated. But, upon defeating the Ottomans the British and the French occupied the Arab land instead of the Ottomans and this was a big surprise for the Arabs and a start point of new era of Arabian struggle . Then, Great Britain and France divided the Arab country through the Sykes–Picot Agreement in 1916.…

    In which they secretly divided the Arab country into small states such as Syria, Lebanon, ...etc .

    Great Britain directly after that gave the Jews the Balfour Declaration in 1917.…

    In which Great Britain promised the Jews to establish Israel for them in Palestine.

    The UN was founded in 1945 after World War II. Which was under the full control of the same countries that they divided the Arab big country into small states and /or supported the Jews against Arabs all the way no matter what. Arabs felt that what was happening was unjust and a big conspiracy against them.

    How would you feel if some strangers just showed up and wanted to kick you out of your home by force ? claiming that their ancestors were in this spot 3000-4000 years ago. Would you say “OK “ and just leave the home you and your ancestors have been living in for thousands of years? .

    After WW2 and the Holocaust by the racist Hitler of Germany Jews immigrated in very large numbers to Palestine and used extreme force against the Palestinians who lived in Palestine for thousands of years. As a result Palestinians were expelled from their cities, farms and homes to the neighboring countries and elsewhere . Where millions of Palestinians are still living for over 60 years in the neighboring Arab states refugees camps in many cases in non humane conditions. So poor that they have nothing to eat or dress, no health, no education, no social security number, they are not allowed to buy a property or work, ........ etc. All that Palestinian’s suffering is because some strangers decided to invade Palestine.

    Arab generations understand that Palestine was stolen from Arabs by:

    1-Biased, unlawful and unjust UN conspiracy resolution/s.

    2- By extreme force.


    1- 400 years of the Ottoman occupation to the Arab country.

    2- The European occupation of the Arab country.

    3- Dividing the Arab country into small states.

    4- Planting Israel in the middle of the Arabs so they will never be able to get reunified again.

    5- Placing many ignorant puppet rulers (Dictators) to head the newly established small Arab states and as a result the resources and wealth of the Arabs were wasted in many different ways.

    All the Above made the Arab world unstable place until now, 500 years of suffering and STILL going ......

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  • m i
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    8 years ago

    No, that is nonsense. Before and during WW2 FDR was quite willing to accept a lot of Jewish refugees and also organize other countries around the world to provide havens from nazi persecution. These efforts were stymied by Israels founders, the zionists, who were trying to create a Jewish state in Palestine. The reason? The Zionists wanted all the Jews to go to Palestine to create the Jewish state. Israel was never a country until about 3 years after WW2 ended, in 1948.

    Maybe some Europeans wanted to get rid of the Jews, especially before WW2, but not the Americans. An interesting note: 3 Jews served on America's supreme court prior to 1948: Louis Brandeis, Benjamin Cardozo and Felix Frankfurter. There were a number of other Jewish high-ranking government officials too, and also in Britain.

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  • 4 years ago

    After WW2 and the entire lifeless Jews that HItler massacred, the arena determined that the Jews wanted a hometown. SO rather of giving them a situation in Germany, they determined "whats up why no longer deliver them Palestine?" who cares if there are a number of brown-skinned individuals already residing there? Unfortunately, not like the NAtive Americans who had the equal factor occur to them, The Palestinians did not depart. TO placed matters in point of view, due to the fact the 1940's much less then 3000 Israeli's had been killed via Palestinians, three hundred Palestinians had been killed via Israel within the final week

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  • 8 years ago

    At the end of ww2 the jews in Germany felt unwelcome. They left. No country on the planet would take them. They were inflicted on Palestine because Palestine, the whole middle east did not have the power to stop it. A very, very shaky Bible claim is the only claim Israel has on that land. Israel is a foreign invader in Palestine.

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  • 8 years ago

    No it's not true

    The Jewish people wanted to make their country often what happend in world war 2

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  • Chuck
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    8 years ago

    Maybe you should do a little bit more reading.

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