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Post-breakup no obligation?

Before y'all jump me for asking this, I want to clarify I don't mean any harm by asking this but I am genuinely wondering, why do some people resort to being assholes after the break up? I feel some things are expected like the other person not wanting to talk for some time, needing their time and space, not wanting to be reminded etc. But I'm referring to someone intentionally becomes mean after the break up and intentionally starts doing things that irk the other person, assuming they are still in contact. For example, my ex told me he'd be very hurt if I took our photos off of facebook, so now after the breakup I still have them on there although I am not under this obligation. On the other hand, literally the DAY after the breakup he began doing things he knows would make me upset like using phrases that he knows tick me off and storming off during a fight knowing it hurts me. I feel it is childish.

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  • 8 years ago
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    You're talking about people's feelings here. Everybody reacts differently when their feelings are involved. It's easy to forget things that had been said and promises that were made.

    Everybody reacts differently. Just because you feel a certain way doesn't mean that she does.

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