What should I do for my 20th birthday?

I will be 20 october 7th!! Yay finally an adult haha. Anyway I want to do something awesome but I am not sure what to do. Since I wont be 21 till next year (boohoo) I can't go out and have drinks with friends just yet. I also lost all of my friends because they all turned to drugs. The only friends I will be celebrating my birthday with are both 19 one turns 20 in January and one in March. One of my friends suggested going to Myrtle Beach but it is almost 9 and a half hours away and my car probably wouldn't make it. So anyway I am just wondering what 3 young adults could do for the weekend that is not overly expensive and that can be fun. We live in Tennessee so there isn't much to do except go to Atlanta, Georgia or Knoxville or somewhere. Any ideas would be appreciated!

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  • 8 years ago
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    There are lots of fun things to do in Tennessee, especially in October. It is leaf season, and a great time to go to the Smokies. Get a place to stay in Townsend, then go into Cades Cove for hiking, seeing the sites, horseback riding, and hayrides.

    October 6 is Cruisin' the Hollow in Lynchburg, a fun day when combined with a visit to Jack Daniel's and the shops on the square. It is also the day of the Jack and Back bike ride for MS. www.lynchburgtn.com

    Oct. 5-6 is Octoberfest in Summertown, the Apple Fest in Erwin, and the National Banana Pudding Festival in Centerville.

    Go to www.tnvacation.com and use the calendar to come up with some fun things to do near home. Saves a lot of gas money.

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  • 4 years ago

    I was once three months pregnant, dwelling in a rented room, sharing the toilet with 12 different renters, assisting my child's father and his consuming. No celebration, no reward, no longer even a birthday card. With the exception of my dwelling/economic challenge, it wasn't that so much unique from all of the birthdays earlier than and only some when you consider that. I became sixty six 2 days in the past. Got a e mail from my sister, not anything from my daughter, and a "We do not do birthdays, will we?" from my husband. It might were satisfactory to a minimum of have got a card, or a cupcake, or a Subway sandwich.

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    The best age; enjoy and could have fancy dress party. Me and my friends love having fancy dress parties for our birthdays. It's always fun time :)

    I buy my costumes from


    It's cheap and there are different costumes and accessories.

    Most important: have a fun with your friends and family!!!

  • 8 years ago

    ima be 20 on oct 4th!!!! happpy almost birthday!!!!

    hmmm you guys can get your nails done, go out to eat , and go shopping or rent a movie, buy pizzza, and chips and a lot of junk food and just chill and just do something bigger when your 21.

    hope you have a nice awesome birthday!!

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