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Okay, so made two wishes and one can only happen in several months. It's like that, it can't possibly come true before that. I'm in preparation. Anyway, I just wanted to know, since there are two wishes, do I do everything twice? two papers, chanting and all twice? And do I stop this after 8 days and do the recycling thing even though I have much more time left for it to happen? By the way, I'm not mad, I do believe it will come true whether because of the site or not. Serious answers, please. And has it come true for anyone?


Thanks, STW... lol, no, mine isn't ridiculous- in fact it's very possible and I am working for it. I just tried this site for fun, but I am serious about this. And no, the wishes haven't run out yet :) btw, what about the spells? : D

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    I'm not trying to ruin the fun, but I tried that once about three years ago. The wishes would have run out y now for one. They've been open forever. It didn't work for me, but my wish was awfully ridiculous, too, so I guess you have to put your heart into it. I would do each thing twice, just to be sure. Best luck to you!

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I really don't know if the wishes do come true but for some reason I always spot the numbers 8 or 11. When I was younger I wished to kill myself and to cut myself on this site. I did start hurting myself really bad and I did want to die.

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