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Address of zenithfinancialhouse.org in Accra, Ghana, south africa?

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You are the epitome of the typical black nigerian who is too lazy to work but not smart enough to fool other people in the civilized world.
Now do the right thing and go back to school and brush up on your geography.


Your question of course.
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  • Kittysue answered 3 years ago

    First of all, Ghana is in WEST Africa, not SOUTH Africa

    Second, there is a bank in Ghana called Zenith Bank but that is NOT their websirte
    http://www.zenithbank.com.gh/ is the REAL website

    The site you posted is a fake site that is only a few months old AND intentionally hides its location so there is NO way to find out where they are located or who owns it. NO legitimate financial institution would ever pay a service to hide their details unless they were involved in illegal activity and didn't want people to be able to find them

    The REAL Zenith Bank even has a scam warning about criminals using their name and setting up fake websites http://www.zenithbank.com.gh/warning.asp...
    "Scam Alert

    Please be informed that http://www.zenithbank.com.gh remains the only authentic and genuine website of Zenith Bank whose registered head office is at Premier Towers, Opposite Pension House,Liberia Road, Ministries, Accra, Ghana.

    However, we have uncovered several fictitious websites of some unscrupulous persons sending emails, letters and telephone calls to unsuspecting members of the public by impersonating Directors or staff of the Bank and claiming:

    To have access to huge US dollar deposits in the Bank held in the names of deceased persons
    Huge US Dollar contract sums due for payment

    Consequently, we expressly dissociate the Bank from any transaction entered into on the strength of such scam mails/correspondence or any other representation made via any of the fictitious websites/e-mail addresses. Also, be informed that our transactions on the internet are all in Ghanaian legal tender i.e. GHS and not in other foreign currencies, such as Pounds Sterling, Dollars, etc. Please note that we do not initiate and/or conclude our banking transactions on the web.

    The Bank will not be liable for any loss incurred by any person who deals with the imposters contrary to its advice.
    In the event that you receive this kind of solicitation mails/letters, please disregard the senders.

    For further enquiries, please send mail to
    ebusinessgroup@zenithbank.com.gh or call e-business department
    on 233-30-2660421, 2660075 "

    You should forward any email you received to ebusinessgroup@zenithbank.com.gh to report this to them and cut off ALL contact
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  • Address of zenithfinancialhouse.org in Accra, Ghana, south africa?
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