What to do when you feel fed up of people, especially guys?

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Especially when they abuse your kindness and treat you like crap when you did not nothing wrong to them. How do you just not care too much about others, and worry about yourself more? ...show more
Update : Actually Adam, I don't choose them all the time sometimes the guys ...show more
Update 2: I forgot to add, these people are nice to me at first and then turn a 180 ...show more
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Your life is made of presence and of necessary interactions with others. Yet you might try and adopt more the cunning style of the proverbial astute good old fox for hopefully your own better survival. Also, in your necessary interactions with others, in your interactive negotiations with others within family, with lover, with boss or other superior, with colleague, with friend and or good stranger against difficulties, facing challenges, against unfair rival, against nasty foe, against impostor or detractor or evil dirty pervert, in whatever you are doing and loving to do or dreaming to do or are supposed to do (must do) for hopefully your own survival, you might more diligently get on co-working at building up, or more passionately adding up to, some great events and some good perhaps wonderful memories for a future; wonderful memories for your own future!

In your necessary interactions with others, you might be thinking that you do want to be the good actor; then you are the good actor, the braver co-pilot of your own life, the fiercer hardy more daring higher flying co-pilot unto your own future, unto your own destiny.

Dear good friend of ours within the wider bounds of this great cyberspace, so also you might try and do if you do not want to go and live isolated the life of a holy anchorite. In the field of tension between your displeasure about others and your own growing perspicacity, from a level of more force you might soon achieve the feeling of being well together with others, of implementing a context of good life with some chosen good others, within a great network of colleagues and of friends. Also, you might try and ever stay more open for chances of lots great merry thoughtless laughs in good company, if good loving company is there, or most often more sublimely all on your own. Good luck!

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Thanks, I'm not going to completely close myself. But I will be watching more to pass through anything difficult that comes my way. My eyes have opened up more now to what I see when interacting with others, so I know what to prepare for and still be happy. I'm not even mad anymore.
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  • Brian answered 2 years ago
    If you are the kind of person who cares about others too much like me you will always be that way and it is a good quality I know it sucks because people walk all over you but only if you let them . If you are the best you you can be and still get hurt you should have peace knowing it was their fault and you did nothing wrong . When you meet the right person you will know just focus on yourself being happy with who you are that way someone else will too
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  • Adam In Lost Angeles answered 2 years ago
    Realize that it is YOU who are choosing those guys. Choose different.
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