Furnace switches to auxiliary heat while in cool?

My Bryant/Carrier FB4ANF036 electric furnace/heat pump is acting strange. While have thermostat on cool-auto, the air will initially be cool then hot air will come out and I can smell the heating element kick on. If I switch the thermostat to off, the EM heat light turns on. Hot air continues to come out and the furnace will not turn off unless I turn the EM heat switch from normal to EM heat. The light then goes off and just recirculated air comes out of the air vents. I can repeat the above process an unlimited number of times. Cool air lasts for about 30 seconds before switching to hot air.

Any ideas??

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  • 8 years ago
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    Could be a couple of things. Sounds like either your interior thermostat needs to be repaired or replaced, or the circuit board in the actual outside unit may be shorted out. If you can get your thermostat off of auto, to cool only setting it should clear up if you don't have the above two issues.

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