Why do Latinos call themselves "Hispanic" or "Spanish"?

I thought you can be "hispanic" or "spanish" ONLY if you were from Spain. The majority of Spaniards are just plain WHITE. But the majority of Latinos are beautifully mixed with black,white,and indian and have very light tanned skin and black or brown curly hair with beautiful dark brown eyes (majority), most importantly anyone from LATIN AMERICA is Latino. Latin American food,culture,and dance is COMPLETELY different from Spain, Latin America is influenced by African culture and rhythm. So why do some Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, and etc. address themselves as "Hispanic" or "Spanish" when they aren't?

Also why aren't Haitians and Brazilians considered Latino? I know the majority of Haitians and alot of Brazilians are black but just because your black doesn't mean you can't be a Latino, right?

What do you think?

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    "The terms "Hispanic" or "Latino" refer to persons who trace their origin or descent to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Spanish speaking Central and South America countries, and other Spanish cultures.

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    Actually, I'm Brazilian...Brazilians ARE Latino, BUT we are NOT Hispanic because we do NOT speak Spanish! Hispanic is a catch-term that encompasses anyone from a Spanish-speaking country of origin, but MOST--almost ALL Hispanics do not call themselves Spanish--that name is ONLY for people from Spain! Spanish are Hispanic, BUT NOT Latino (as in Latin-American).

    Latinos means anyone from Latin America (I don't know why Haitians are not Latino, but Dominicans are?), where the people of many different races speak a Latin-derived language.

    Hispanic refers to ONLY people from Spanish-speaking countries, NOT Brazil.

    Spanish People generally are considered Hispanic, but NOT Latino.

    And MOST importantly, Hispanic or Latino is NOT NOT NOT a race, there are many many many different races of people in Latin America! Example, many people in Brazil or Argentina are from European backgrounds.

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    Wait wait wait...

    First of all I am Colombian and I don't call myself Spanish.

    Hispanic is a term to refer to anything associated with the ancient Hispania (Spain), we happen to be related to them and we cannot change the fact that we speak Spanish and that we have a lot of influences and cultural traditions coming form Spain. Following this order of ideas, we are Hispanics.

    It is like this:

    Spanish: It's a nationality and a person whose citizenship comes from Spain and in some cases descendants.

    Hispanic: It's a cultural term referring to anything associated with the Spanish language, in the same way Anglo is anything related to English.

    Other thing. Spanish people are beautiful, it's just that they are White, but that doesn't mean they are not beautiful. Many Spaniards are very hot. Though we Latin Americans are mixed, that makes us look exotic, but that doesn't mean we are inherently more beautiful than them.

    Other thing: you said Indian, and Indian is a person coming from India, referring to Natives as Indian is degoratory and insulting.

    Second Latin American culture doesn't exist as one single culture, it changes from country to country, in some parts being more European, other being more African, other being more Arab and other being more Amerindian. Our culture is very mixed, we can have African-based music like Salsa or Samba, European-based like Tango or Pasillo and Amerindian-based like Bambuco or Wayúu dance, or Arabic based like Belly dance (Shakira).

    So... yeah pretty much we are multi-cultural group and we cannot be "Spanish" or "African" or "European" or "Amerindian", we are just Latin Americans, and mestizaje and multi-culturalism is the key of our civilization.

    We don't call ourselves Spanish, but we are Latinos.

    PS: Brazilians aren't Hispanic, they are Lusophones.

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    This is an ongoing annoyance. Los mexicanos (meh - hee - cah - nos) and centroamericanos are NOT "Spanish" or "Hispanic" or "Latino." All of those are errors. "Hispanic" has to do with Spaniards, and we are not that. HOWEVER -- there are many among us who have bought into the lie, who actually fought to have themselves classified as "White" (in the old censuses) which we are not. Only much later on was that changed. But those mexicanos y centroamericanos who are ashamed of their race, who want to be White, are known as "vendidos," sell-outs. It has long been said that if you want to conquer a people, the best and most powerful thing you can do is make them ashamed of what they are. I've known those who ARE and who went out of their way to refer to themselves as "hispanos," and who even did all they could to distance themselves from their own people. It is true that the españoles (the Spanish) were over here "intermarrying" (raping) with the Indios and that the resulting offspring are what we come from - but we are not Spaniards. Some of the customs remain, such as bullfighting (I wish my people would give up that barbaric habit), some of the food, and of course, Roman Catholicism. But we have our own version of that - it's all mixed in with the ancient customs/religions of the Indios. But we're not "gabachos" (White people). If you go deep into México and live among the people of the old culture(s), you will see what i mean. There are many gabachos, by the way, who are busy trying to be American Indians and who go way out of their way to find an old ancestor who may have been Indian or part-Indian. Once they find that, they begin referring to themselves as "Indians" and even start inventing "Indian names," etc., and starting "tribes." Look this up on youtube - type in "fake Indians" and you'll see some some good videos listed. So in the same way, a number of mexicanos y centroamericanos want badly to be thought of as gabachos, and have been completely indoctrinated into White culture ... if not more. I hope this helps ... Adios for now ...

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      I agree Pancho...somewhat. To an extent. We are not Spanish European from Spain nor are we Latino..hate that stupid word! [who's the idiot that made that name?] We don't speak LATIN! It's a dead language from ITALY/ROME!!! However, I do believe its ok to say we are Hispanic since we're half Spanish.

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    As a Spanish American, let me tell you. Hispanics are HISPANIC because they have a Spanish speaking cultural heritage, they have Spanish surnames, most Hispanics not from Spain have Spanish ancestry, also, NO Hispanics call themselves Spanish unless they're from or are descended from Spain like me, Hispanics are usually very proud of their country of origin.

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    they are artificial words invented by the USA... they are specific words different in american english than how the terms were used previously in europe.

    it was originally intended to be the usa's "safe word" for those of mixed race heritage. the countries we have been brainwashed to think of as hispanic or latino...had their own various terms for mixed folk. what was appropriate in one place was not in another. so the idea was for hispanic to be "ours"

    it was liberal thought police that decided this was offensive... so race was removed from the meaning and it became a nonsenical "linguistic" term... this was in line with liberal collectivism as it FORCED different ethnic, racial,and nationlist groups to share a single Identity coming here.

    it is also why we still need to use race to differentiate people.. ie: white/black/native "hispanics"... with mixed heritage folk ironically being reduced to simply "non white" hispanic.

    hispanic came first... then later on there was an attempt to use "latino" as a new racial term...but that too fell to politcal correctness. they are often interchangeable... but it "linguisticly" hispanic would refer to spanish speakers of any race..but not spain. and portugese speakers of any race..but not portugal.

    why do people use it? its liberal social experimentation in action... and it worked.

    these people and countries NEVER, not once ever referred to themsleves as either hispanic or latino. until they learned it FROM the usa. it just speaks to the unresolved racial issues that exists within these groups that such an artificial term was so easily accepted.

    a puerto rican is not mexican,. a mexican is not cuban, a cuban is not colombian.... all these people will be the FIRST to tell you they are not the same...its not hate by any means, they ARE different. its the blurred and unresolved racial lines that exist for many of them, that makes using "hispanic" so easy here. yes, the political correctness grows and evolves and changes to try and legitimize it..

    the irony is, we all actually use it the way it was intended... to describe mixed heritage people. but technically...its still a nonsensical term.

    attempts have always been made to make "hispanic" a distinct racial category once and for all... but its always liberals that oppose it. there is political and ecnomic interest involved..not a social reasoning for the "right thing"


    ***and fyi

    the term latin america was coined by the FRENCH... it was meant to draw parallels and create an artificial association were there was none.

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    Not a question but another fact. Mexican is not a language. If you speak spanish, you are not always Mexican. 23 countries in the world speak spanish.

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    I am hispanic because I speak spanish, but I am not spanish. Even though people say

    I am spanish because I speak spanish lol.

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    Latin Americans who speak Spanish are Hispanic (which means to speak Spanish) .

    Spanish is a language. They are not a language. The Spaniards are the original Spanish speakers.

    French is not a romantic language. Brazilians are considered Latino, Portuguese is a romantic language.

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    since when is a cross between a cockasoid and a mongoloid called a latino?these are just fancy names for half breeds. hahahah there was a perfectly good name they used in previous centuries and that was MESTIZO the current names are nothing but pretentious blather.,I know of no people who speak latin except catholic clergy andf academics.romans spoke latin but werent called latinoslatinos seems irrelavent name to mewith delusions of granduer.brazilians and haitians are considered portugino as opposed to latino cuz portugal forms soem of their cultural base.

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    7 years ago

    Mestizo-Mexicans or Mestizo-Americans are who you must be talking about. Hispanic was giving as an alternative to spanish blacks that aren't from America to separate themselves from being called black if they didn't want to be associate with being black.

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