youtube copyright claimer, what do you know of Harry Fox Agency?

I've put up a couple videos and this HFA keeps making claims so I gotta ask.

One video I recorded a public performance of the Wolfe Tones band singing "On the One Road" - their cd is copyrighted to EMI Ireland. To my knowledge, "On The One Road" is an old Irish song and in the public domain anyway - can anyone confirm this?

Another public video is an Arabic composition which HFA claims is Gnossiennes no. 6 ...(that's French isn't it?)

What's the deal with HFA making these claims?


Thanks ed. But I mean, can this agency pull copyright claims on behalf of other entities? I'm guessing that is what they are doing.

Sure most music is copyrighted but some aren't. Do I just accept their claim even tho the claim looks to be wrong? Such as the second example: Gnossiennes 6 being claimed on an Arabic belly dancing video. It's totally wrong, so I think.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Unfortunately, they're justified :( The original music is copyrighted and apparently the copyright holder can restrict access to your video. I have the same problem with a wedding video I shot - one of Elvis' songs was playing in the background...

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