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fantasy football rb starts week 1?

i have mcfadden@sd charles @ atl gore @ gb and deangelo williams @ TB

i get to start 3 .. i was leaning towards mcfadden gore and williams

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  • 8 years ago
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    McFadden every week til he gets hurt

    Charles because I'm looking for him to bounce back

    Williams because Stewart and Tolbert are banged up

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    8 years ago

    Gore mcfadden and charles cause of falcons D

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  • 3 years ago

    QB isn't ordinary, the two could go the two way. i could start up Eli because of the fact i think of he would be throwing the ball greater and is nicely well worth the risk of interceptions RB is far less complicated. Henry and Parker at the instant are not any brainers. Henry would be the time-honored back in the Broncos attack and that they are going to be pounding the ball early and often so he's probable reliable for a minimum of 80 yards and a TD and could be reliable for one hundred twenty and 2 TDs. Parker is likewise a no-brainer because of the fact there is not any one else for Pittsburgh who can run like him and that they prefer to pound the soccer. greater suited yet Pittsburgh is normally forward overdue and could run extremely plenty. reliable success.

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