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Is it possible to transfer stocks in a TDAmeritrade account to another company?

I'm an amateur stock trader. I have had an account with Ameritrade (not TDAmeritrade) for about 4 years, with very few stocks in it. I am thinking of opening an account with INGDirect because the rates for trades are smaller. Is there a way to take my stocks purchased via Ameritrade and move it to ING Direct? If so, how?

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  • 8 years ago
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    1- You're very foolish moving your account to INGDirect from a real broker/dealer.

    2-I you really want to move your account, ask INGDirect for ACATS forms, tell them you want to move your account from a real broker/dealer

    You can call them on the phone and have them,send you the forms OR you can visit their website and look under "forms' for ACATS forms.

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