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iPhone Users: What's your favourite app?

Besides Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, etc...

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    As we know there are lots of apps in different categories. Therefore it's not possible to have only one favourite app, at least for me :) I have lots of favourite apps in different categories. I can tell you the ones I remember.


    360 Panorama: to capture panoramic photos (it might be the best among its competitors)

    Camera360: To adjust your photos. It has lots of features. It is a 'MUST HAVE' photo app.

    Pixlromatic: It gives effects to your photos (I think its better than Instagram)

    Snapspeed: Same as Camera360. 'MUST HAVE'

    PicBeauty: It's kind of automatically removes pimples, wrinkles etc. You don't need to adjust brightness or something else seperately. You just touch one button.


    USB Disk: I suggest the Pro version. It keeps my all files in one place. again 'MUST HAVE' :)

    Edit small text files./ TV - VGA out./ Connect to FTP and WebDAV servers./ Dropbox, Evernote and iDisk support./ Slideshow with adjustable delay./ Copy, paste, cut, delete and create files./ USB and WiFi file transfers./ Email your documents./ View and download email attachments./ Lock code./ Background audio./ SUPPORTED FILE TYPES: PDF,ZIP,MS Office documents,iWork documents, Pictures,eBooks,Audio files,Video files.

    TurboScan: I love this app. I take pictures of books, papers lots of things. They are all like scanned with a scan machine. Shortcuts help a lot in the app. Also you can choose the which are to be scanned. And they never look dark. You can also adjust the ink. / Email your files as multipage PDF or JPEG files.

    Call-A-Cat: It helps me to find my cat, when she hides in deep corners. :) It plays some kind of sounds (e.g. the rustling voice of her food's bag, cat voice, birds' voice etc.)

    Puffin: It is a web browser which provides you to open flash contents, videos, games etc.


    Flight+: Flights== -Track any flight in the world - Detailed, real time Departure and Arrival information of any flight(s) - Terminal and Gate information - Detailed Aircraft information - Detailed Seat Maps -

    - Plan your flights in Trips -- Alerts== Stay alerted to the any latest information regarding your flights. Receive alerts by Push Notification -- AIRPORTS== - Find any airport worldwide - Whole Flight Board of all departures, arrivals etc. per airport - Map of all Flights - Terminal Maps for major airports - Weather Forecast per Airport -- AIRLINES== - Find any airline and its detailed info worldwide - Flight Board of all flights per airline - Map of all flights per airline -- MAPS== - Zoom-able Maps with live flight track information and weather service - World Clock integration - Offline viewing features enabled for use in airplanes -- SHARING== - Sync your flights between your devices using iCloud - You can save and share your flight information via e-mail, text message, Facebook, and Twitter - Sync with your Calendar - Save personal notes, label your flights, and store flight information of any flight you wish.


    Sing!: This is the beste karaoke app I've ever tried. You can join a song that someone else has already sang or you can just start a new one. It is very fun because there are many songs that tens (or maybe hundred) of people sing at one time :)). It doesn't matter that you are a 'singing' person or not. :))

    Draw Something: As it's clear this is a drawing game. You draw the words that are assigned to you and sen your drawings other people to watch and guess.

    (These two apps are kind of online games. You play with people. I won't explain the following games, because games are kind of relative concepts. :)

    Tiny Wings

    Temple Run


    Jetpack Joyride

    Jaws Revenge

    Fruit Ninja

    Falling Fred

    Train Conductor2

    Bejeweled Blitz

    Cut the Rope Experiments

    Zombie Highway (I just lovvvee it.. This is the only game that accelerates my heartbeat :D )

    One Touch Drawing ( Kind of puzzle game. At first you become very very excited; but then you realize that it's easy.. And then of course you get bored. But use should try. As I said relative concepts..)

    NinJump (When I start to play, I can't stop :)) )

    Fruit Ninja Puss in Boots (It has a different kind of fun than the original fruit ninja. You should try it too.)

    Angry Bulls ( Always choose to be the Bull. It's very fun :D)

    ==> I think that's it. Sorry for the long answer :)

    Source(s): iTunes and of course my iPhone :)
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    Tweetdeck – The little black bird on a yellow background is the icon for this Twitter connection that you can use with your iphone. Ease of use is, of course, what makes it so popular, but easy doesn’t mean limited. It has plenty of customizable options. Add and remove columns; zoom in and out; quickly tweet a response.

    HootSuite – This app has a little brown owl for its icon. You can scroll across its columns by simply swiping your finger across your phone face. You can also schedule tweets in addition to creating real time tweets, a very unique feature. Some users have felt that the setup on this app was a bit cumbersome, but if the scheduling feature is important to you, it can be worth the initial hassle. It also does come in both a free and paid version.

    Twitbird – This app comes in three different versions. There is a free version that is supported by the ads that come with it. Then there are two paid versions; one that allows two different Twitter accounts and the professional version which can handle up to sixteen different Twitter accounts. It will also allow for geotagging your tweets and has a built-in address book.

    Official Twitter – There’s no sense ignoring the obvious, Twitter has it own iphone app, of course. It has your url shortening, hashtags and @ easily accessible. It also allows you to go directly to a web link from a tweet.

    Echofon – This app has been around for awhile and still maintains its popularity. It is very easy to use and allows you to see pics and video in your tweets. It also comes in a free and paid version. The paid version cleans removes the ads you need to deal with in the free version.

    Twitterific – This free app can be used on either an iphone or an ipad. You can set filters to see just what is important to you. You can also send links to your ‘Instapaper’ account for reading them later on. This app does have some limitations, all you have to do is scroll through the FAQ’s to see the number of answers that begin with ‘No’ to see that.

    For detail :

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  • 7 years ago

    What's under etc lol. I'd say Whatsapp! Or Scramble With Friends for games, never get bored of that xD

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    The one that tells you to make me a sandwich.

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    I like wheres my water & Pvz

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    iphones should be banned from society

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    don't use sneak phones

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