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George asked in TravelCanadaOther - Canada · 8 years ago

Reviews of air Canada please?

Any advice and tips about flying with them

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  • Kat
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    8 years ago
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    I flew with different airlines in the past and so far the best service I had was with Air Canada. They always did little things to make my experience special such as a chief flight attendant offering to go in the cockpit to take better pictures as I was struggling to get a good shot of the Caribbean Sea, or a flight attendant giving my sister and I some candies and caramels. Most pilots too are very nice: I have been allowed in the cockpit before/after flights when I asked if I could see it, and they would chat with me and answer all my questions offering to take some more pictures (I'm taking my commercial pilot licence so maybe that has a bit to do with that but still) ... Air Canada can be a bit pricier but they are reliable and I don't have anything bad to say about them.

    Source(s): Flying to Japan with Air Canada in less than three weeks!
  • SteveN
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    8 years ago

    Air Canada is a government-owned airline (crown corporation) and they have been going through several bitter negotiations for their pilots, ground crew, and flight crew. There were strikes earlier this year, and many people were inconvenienced by it. The government forced them back on the job through back-to-work legislation. So they are not happy and from what I've seen some customer services have suffered because of it.

    Also, they tend to be more costly than other Canadian airlines, like WestJet. However, they have a relatively good track record for their safety. And they tend to be pretty reliable for their flight departures and arrivals.

    I guess it depends on what your options are. I will choose Westjet over Air Canada for any flights that I can get with them. Otherwise, I usually fly Air Canada rather than a foreign carrier to keep my $$ in a Canadian business.

    EDIT: My bad. I stand corrected. What I meant was that it is a former crown corporation. It is indeed a publicly owned Canadian corporation now.

  • Erika
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    4 years ago

    Air Canada is ignored plenty considering the undeniable fact that's whilst in comparison with ecu airlines and Asian airlines. It became rated the suited airline in North usa of america. I had no problems with them. they are very secure and are very friendly. Seats selection in convenience yet are a sprint greater suited than everyday airlines. nutrition was unfastened, yet because of the fact the severe fee of gas, they had to cost funds for that so don't be discouraged. (Your in all hazard having problems with gas on your automobile in case you have one). The leisure i'd say is respectable that's why I continuously deliver my fashionable issues to do on a airplane like drowsing to my fashionable track, interpreting books or magazines, draw or write, fixing puzzles like crosswords, be conscious searches or SuDuKu's, enjoying card video games like solitaire (deliver your guy or woman enjoying cards), a activity-boy, D.S. or PSP and sleep. drowsing is not any doubt certainly one of the suited because of the fact time will fly and you will get rid of jet lag (that's SOOO stressful). wish this helped

  • Nothing really. Its much like any other major airline. Its the 10th largest in the world.

    Unlike another poster, it is no longer a government owned entity. It was privatized in 1989.

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  • Abused
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    8 years ago

    Air Canada is NOT a crown corporation. It is a publicly own company and is listed on the TSX.

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