Who is at fault in this accident?

I was in a car accident yesterday morning around 7:20 A.M. on my was to school:

I was traveling westbound on San Pasquale Rd. when I came to a left turn at an intersection.

There was no stop sign or traffic light in our directions, which were east and west. I had

my left blinker on, in the left turning lane and I came to a stop. A women in a 2002 red

Honda Accord was traveling eastbound and had merged into her left turn lane with he left

blinker on. She was looking left and began to turn left, so I therefor began my left turn

onto Sierra Linda. As I was coming out of my turn, straitening my wheel and starting to press

on the gas, the women in the red Honda decided at some point during my turn to go straight.

I looked to the right to make sure no oncoming traffic was going to hit me. There was no

oncoming traffic but the red Honda. By the time I saw her, she was at most, a foot away

from hitting the right front of my car. I managed to see her still looking over he left

shoulder and not paying attention to the road. After she hit me, she and I said that we

were fine and she proceeded to say "I didn't see you when I hit you." I quickly put it

together that it was because she was looking over he left shoulder still.

When the CHP arrived after 55 minutes, I was standing with both of them will she was telling

her story. She told the officer that she was looking for Citrus Ave, or St fromMap questt, at

that point, the officer told her that she was lost.

I was driving a 97 Blazer and the right front panel is smashed with the wheel pushed in and car leaking oil.

Her car was smaller so hers had the front end smashed in.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Since you can't turn unless the way is clear, and she wasn't looking to see if the way was clear, it will probably turn out to be her fault.

    But make the report, get a copy of the CHP report, and let the insurance work it out.

  • 8 years ago

    This doesn't make sense. You were facing each other, each trying to go left. But she didn't hit you until AFTER you were coming out of your turn, and she was for some reason looking over her LEFT shoulder.

    Whether or not she was lost is not relevant. My guess is that all the evidence points to you pulling in front of her, which means you will be found at fault.

  • 8 years ago

    You would be at fault, even though she intended to turn left and then decided not to you still pulled out in front of her. Make for certain oncoming traffic is going to turn before you decide to pull in front of them. Blinkers, lane switching, and even slowing down is not enough, you should have waited until she started turning.

    If it was up to me I would say she's to blame but to an insurance company or court you are at fault.

  • 8 years ago

    She is at fault.

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