What kind of laptop should I get, its mostly gonna be used for music production but genius techs get in here.?

Basically I just want a nice laptop thats offers Windows 7, Mac is out of the question lol don't have enough money for that.

I'm mostly going to be using it for downloading music, making music and watching videos and downloading other things for my music production.

I want to know all the recommended specs and why it is better than others from:


Processor Type

Processor Speed

I was reccommended the Sony Vaio. Thoughts?

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    8 years ago
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    So music doesn't require much for playback. Movies at 1920x1080 require more so.

    Actually making music requires more. more complicated music, more grunt required.

    So, RAM should be at least round 6GB for movies and music creation with win7.

    HD movies require good GPU, but not the most expensive one, say something with 512mb memory at least.

    Hard Disk, well, fast is faster.

    CPU, well, it depends. How are you making music. If you have some program that makes it and supports 4 core processors, then 4 is better than 2, since 4 cores can process twice the data, so it is twice as fast. But if your software does not support 4 core CPU then there's no need for 4 core CPU.

    Most movies run on GPU mostly so no need for heavy duty CPU for that.

    How fast CPU? Well, anything above 2.4GHz should be sufficient for you, but again, faster is faster and depends on software.

    Its more about the parts than the manufacturer, amateurs look only at the manufacturer.

  • 8 years ago

    HP beats pavilion or envy is the answer

  • 8 years ago

    " HP or Fujitsu Siemens "

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